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2012-11-30 @ 02:11:07


It is still hard form me to imagine, how people can consent before they come to earth, to experience torture, rape, violence, hunger, etc. What if I find out that I was one of those torturers or murderers in a former life? What if i was one of the victims who suffered a horrible death? I'm not sure how am I going to deal whith it

Leonardo, Germany

2012-11-29 @ 23:51:49

Brandon G

I wanted to say thank you for all your work it has really opened my mind and heart to a whole new light of understand.

Hope I can make your workshop in Arizon May 2013 - Ive never attended one before but am really looking forward to it...

2012-11-29 @ 23:08:01

Del DeBruin

How did the Russians solve the problem of their cosmonauts losing their memory and going insane on the first Mirr space ststion missions?

2012-11-29 @ 11:10:21


You mentioned in the interview with G. Noory that the grid of the earth has turned into a pentagonal dodecahedron. What are the implications for humans, for our consciousness, for life in general? What was the process that allowed for that shift? Will this shift allow humanity to have easier access to inner technology specifically for ascension?

2012-11-29 @ 10:34:16

Caliente Cosgrove, Nelson, B.C.

I have read all of your books, reading your latest. Also have completed all workshops, FOL, ESLH, Advanced ESLH & ATIH. Understand (and Love) what you are teaching, now perfecting my learning.

Question: Assuming that I have the Ascension process perfected - should I die BEFORE the Shift - caused by health, age, accident - will I still Ascend?

2012-11-28 @ 11:51:29

Pattie Page

Re: 4th dimensional parents

Did we choose them too (as it is said we did with our 3D mom & dad)? Where do they come from, have they been with us all the time, are these our cosmic parents, the only cosmic parents we have or are there others and how are we related, how did they give birth to us?

soooo much love and gratitude to you and your team.

2012-11-28 @ 11:09:10

Sylvie Perron


I see triple numbers, I very very often see 444, and sometimes 555.
I know 444 is the mystery school, that I am reading about Spirituality. But why am I seeing 555 sometimes?

Thank you from my heart, for all the help you give us all!

Sylvie Perron
Montreal, Qc

2012-11-28 @ 11:03:22

Sylvie Perron

Hi- Sylvie Perron, Montreal, Québec.I dream of tall beings that teach me things about the Universe. Who are they? I levitate in my dreams;I saw evil men, bareback with burnt circles and a triangle in the circle.I knew I had to help people in my dream.-?- Can u tell me what levitating and this dream might mean. Awakening I saw 111.

2012-11-27 @ 19:40:33

Benjamin Mott

Benjamin and I live in Brisbane, Australia

2012-11-27 @ 07:34:58


Question regarding the certified teachers list.

There are no classes scheduled for my area that will work for us in the near future. Is the CD you have out your original method of connecting to merkaba or is it the newer technique of using your heart space?

Thank you for all you do for us.

2012-11-26 @ 22:16:52

A.j. Kent

I have ambition and goals i'd like to achieve while living in this dimension. Lately I feel like what is the point of putting effort into these ambitions if I'm moving on from this world right away (I haven't given up yet). In the next dimension, will I get to experience similar passions and feelings of needing to achieve particular goals?

2012-11-26 @ 22:14:36


What happen to the evil people of the world, the Murderers, the Rapist, the corporate vultures, the politicians... the Bankers, etc. Are they going to ascent to 4D like the rest of good people of the Earth?

If they do, what makes ascension so special if these SCUM of the Earth will do it too?

2012-11-26 @ 18:54:27

Susan Frailey

Question about are we Fibernacci vs. golden mean in the 4D world

2012-11-26 @ 05:26:35


Hello Drunvalo!

I am Miranda Visser from the Netherlands and first of all I want to thank you for these q&a videos, I find them very helpful!

My first question: do I need a book or workshop to learn to activate my Merkaba?

My second question is about fulfic acid. Where can I find the best fulfic acid?

Thank you so much!! Namaste

2012-11-25 @ 16:16:51

Mariana Riquelme-Harmon

Mariana Riquelme-Harmon, Modesto California

2012-11-25 @ 11:23:14

Jim Sjöberg SWEDEN


I'm a self realized soul which means I have attained Brahman/Nirvana stage. Awesome moment, but your soul gets bored quickly becouse of its formless and 'one and the same thing' state, where you also cannot create anything. Where can I get information how to use my consiousness to travel to other galaxies and planets?Actually,IneedToexplainMor

2012-11-24 @ 20:24:56


Hi Drunvalo,

I am Thomas and I live in Ireland

You state that the merkaba is used as a vehicle for ascensions; but what are the other benefits/uses of the merkaba.

Many oriental authors/yogis etc. refer to how we achieve immortality through raising the kundalini at the base of the spine. what are your views and how does this relate to the merkab

2012-11-24 @ 18:29:38


When a loved one has died and their body was creamated , is it possoble for them to be able to resurect it , Is ceamation ok, better or worse , I read somewhere in new age info , that with creamatikon , one can get their ' Permanent atoms back more quickly . is this true. thank you

2012-11-24 @ 05:56:58

Matheis Elisabeth

Hi Drunvalo, I´m Elisabeth from Austria and I´m studdying your teachings now for some years. Although it is very scientific for me,
:-) i feel the truth deep in it. What I miss is a statement to relationship between man and woman, partnership. It seems as actually many people think they have to go their way of consciousness alone.
Can you tell me a

2012-11-23 @ 20:58:37

jonn ashlie

My question is about the agenda with smart meters how can we deal best with this corporate global take over of our privacy?

2012-11-23 @ 20:21:06



2012-11-23 @ 18:27:46

Patricia Sapp

Patricia, LA-I have had a personal connection to wild animals. An outstanding situation yrs ago while tuna fishing, I mentally called the dolphins to come to our schooner and asked them to round up the willing souls (albacore) for a good catch. From the deck of the boat one can see 1 mile across the water,there appeared thousands of dolphins.

2012-11-23 @ 15:56:46


Tiffany Bucher, Peoria, Az.
I find you an amazing person Drunvalo. I love that you have sacrificed yourself so much during this ongoing wave of metamorphosis and drilling the value of it. I had a visitation, Jesus in 1997 came to me as well as a colorful angel and provided a star symbol. I need to share my story and hope you might guide my way.

2012-11-23 @ 15:31:14

Anita Heffington

When did "They" add the Zero? Because the "Zero" means nothing. They added the zero to throw us off balance? Or what?

2012-11-23 @ 13:41:12


DEAR Drunvalo, I was asked by a friend to find the DADECAHEDRON contained with in the
metatrons cube. would you be so kind as to show me, some how, what it looks like within the cube. I read the book of the flower of life, but I can't find it in my library, thus, I thought going to the source was my best bet. thank you


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