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2012-11-23 @ 11:34:26


Þórir Freyr, Reykjavík, Iceland.

I am wondering about The Council of Nine. As I've been reading about this mysterious world of ours, more and more frequently I come across refrences to "The Nine". My curiosity exceeds me, so I thought I'd turn to you. Are there nine principles of this universe who all exist as one?

With all my love

2012-11-23 @ 10:52:35

Ted Ranisate

Hey Mr. Melchizedek. Could recommend an earth normal emf frequency generator commercially available to protect my home and family. Some are advertised online, but I've just started looking. What do you use? And where is a link re: the cosmonaut insanity due to no magnetic field? Nice show with George by the way. Thankyou.

2012-11-22 @ 16:31:53

Jim Mooney

Just an observation. When you talk about the end of the Male Age, it includes the attitude of Both sexes. I've observed for years that there are so many nasty, mindless, selfish, violent, cowboy types on earth because women breed with them in huge numbers. If they didn't that type would, according to genetics, have disappeared in five generations.

2012-11-22 @ 12:09:23

Lloyd .B

Hello Drunvalo,

My question is about the Chakras and their relation to specific gems & minerals found throughout the world. I would love to know if there are certain gems & minerals for each of our individual Chakras?

I prefer the 13 Chakra system & would love 13 gems that relate specifically to each Chakra I'm trying to balance.

Thank you.

2012-11-21 @ 19:50:04


Hey Drunvalo,

Much Gratitude for you work and wisdom. I would like to ask about travel.
I'm going to fly soon. What do you think about the airport scanners effecting your DNA? Do you opt for hand search or go through scanners when you travel?

Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012-11-20 @ 20:20:52


Brentt from Missoula, MT: I have heard you say that it is possible for groups to achieve ascension all at the same moment and end up in the same place together. How would you suggest that an individual acquire this information or understanding to prepare oneself to undertake this quest?

2012-11-20 @ 17:56:39

Richard Guertin Monson MA

Drunvalo -

Thank you so much for "The Mayan Ourbororos". It tied so many pieces together and provided new knowledge, and best of all,it resonated within me in such a strong way. In Atlantis I was known as Lokprakash. I wondered if that name is known to you in any way.

Thank you for this incredible gift to humanity.

Love, Richard

2012-11-20 @ 05:09:38

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

If by some beautiful miracle you get these messages I'm sending....I have many quesions to ask you, which I may never get the chance to but...I need to know.....what day and time do I connect my heart with the earth and sun? I want to help...I feel I was born to help...if any of this gets read. Thank you for reading some of what I believe.

2012-11-20 @ 04:55:40

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

I've learned that It takes me out of my spirituality and peaceful state of mind. Its one of my obsitcles in life that I feel I have yet to conquer in any of my lives and by the grace of lifes love allows me to try again and again, going from body to body until I remember what I am. What life is. Drunvalo Melchizedech, if you truely are reading this

2012-11-20 @ 04:41:09

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

Have forgotten how to transcend dimensions because I haven't learned or remembered how to fully control my mind, body, and spirit. I feel that every life I've had has been a test of self and remembrance. As a person I deal with over infatuation of physical materials, the biggest being my girlfriend and jealousy. Which I've learned can throw you out

2012-11-20 @ 04:35:45

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

I now come across you. Drunvalo Melchizedech, and all of your teachings that have answered so many of my questions and by miracle my theorys of life, religion, spirit, have all in every way go with everything your telling us. For my life now I've believed that I am a spirit living in a physical body on this physical 3rd dimensional plane because I

2012-11-20 @ 04:29:54

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

And through magnificent occurances which never in my life will I call coincidences, I have come across people and situations that feel like they were meant to happen, I was suppose to befriend these people. Throughout the time of me basically being in life on my own, I answered questions that have been with me since I was 4. And with that said.

2012-11-20 @ 04:21:52

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

For the same entity that had put us on their one way cycle to hypnotic\brainwash slavery for lack of a better term. So with that in mind I ventured further into human independence and conspiracy theorists. It took some time but I got out of that cycle of constant negativity, and became interested in peace, the chakras, and meditation.

2012-11-20 @ 04:14:31

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

This in turn got me kicked out of school. This is when everything started happening. Once out of school I had gained an outward perception about it. I told myself that since the day were born there are highly prophited entities that make money off conroling us by putting us in a one way track system starting from gradeschool, to college, to working

2012-11-20 @ 04:10:21

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

Student. Since I started school I would spend time day dreaming about saving the world and spreading love to people for some reason, which took a lot away from my school work, in 10th grade I had started ditching class because I had this mentality that the school system was a government owned entiy that feeds us what they wanted us to hear and know

2012-11-20 @ 04:07:05

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

Was basically reading my own biography. Everything almost to the teeth had me in description. Knowing that pushed me further into curiosity about the universe. Questions like, is there realy a god? Am I an angel sent living life again? Are religions even real? All came into play, so I looked further and further. Now I've never been a good grade

2012-11-20 @ 03:59:54

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

I still do. I'm 20 year old now haha:) later on in life I. Became interested with the zodiac symbols and wondered if that was what I've been looking for, the answer to my life long quest to find out who I was. My birthdays October 19, 1992 so I guess I'm a libra, the more I found out about what a libra was, I was flat out astonished to find out I

2012-11-20 @ 03:54:32

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

Was going to save the earth, sacrifice myself to save people, when I was 5 I came up with a story about my past life telling my friends I was a boy who died from the civil war I told them my name was willy and had a dog named sparky. Everyone thought I was just trying to be funny but deep deep down I felt like that's who I was, so to this day

2012-11-20 @ 03:50:17

Michaelangelo Esquilin Salce

Out of all honesty tears are running down my face hoping this is really you Drunvalo.When I was 4 years old I walked out of my parents bedroom and froze in midstep, looked back and thought what just happened? What was I just doing? That's the very first time I remember actually being concious. When I was little I would always imagine I was going to

2012-11-20 @ 00:20:02

Nai, Slovenia

we want you to do it! :)

What is the difference between the five elements also depicted with the platonic solids (earth, fire, air, water and spirit) and the chinese five elements which are water, wood, fire, earth and metal?

we love you


2012-11-20 @ 00:06:52


I have been struggling with Aspergers and ADD my whole life, causing me to feel separate, weird, and alone. In addition, I had no loving person in my life until my 30s. Now my kids have Aspergers and ADD, and are having the same experience of not being able to make friends. What is the reason for such a life of lack of love?

2012-11-19 @ 19:27:52

Alexandra Muşet, Romania

Hey Drunvalo, I've recently discovered your books and Q&As. I have two questions. The first is that I've read on the internet about the 30 hours of total darkness on Earth and I would like to know if it's true? And the second is if we're going to meet our families on the other side? Thank you for everything you do for the world. Stay blessed ^_^

2012-11-19 @ 02:28:22


How can the akashic records be destroyed? ( I assume you now know since you didn't know in your flower of life book).

2012-11-19 @ 01:14:17


Dear Drunvalo,

In your book you prove how one tetrahedron is generated by one spiral, and that there are always two counterrotating spirals on the surface of a torus, thus creating two counterrotating tetrahedrons. So, can you explain me how you come to 2 counterrotating sets of 2 tetrahedrons? Igor, Belgium

2012-11-18 @ 21:48:48


Hi, I wanted to know what you thought about the idea of programing your mer-ka-ba to link with other people example. like a group or family so ascension would happen at the same time for that entire group?


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