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2012-11-11 @ 02:05:20


Samareh, New Zealand. Many channelers talk about how our Galactic family will be helping us with the transformation of our 3D bodies to our 5D bodies, through light chambers during the ascension process because, is this something that you have heard of and what is your impression. LOTS OF LOVE.

2012-11-10 @ 21:56:14

George Hewitt, Canada

Why is it that if the many lower E.T.'s are currently no longer at war with us and almost extinct while our 13 money grubbing families that control the banks and the government whom were under complete control are still ruining our planet to ground? Are they now forever lost in their own insanity?

2012-11-10 @ 18:26:17

Cheryl Snider

Cheryl Snider-Galveston Island, TX

Many years ago in the Flower of Life You spoke of Acoustic brain research and harmonics of the 5th. For many years I listened to the Tom Kenyon CD.
Recently had Brain State Technology Brain Balancing. The practioner feels that it is binarl beat and unbalances theta and beta to the wrong locations. Any response?

2012-11-10 @ 16:54:12


Hey drunvalo, Greetings! I'm sure you have answered this question several times. But I can't to seem the info regarding it 1) is there any way I can activate my merkaba without your sessions, I am financially unable to pay. 2) are we going to die physically pain wise on the 21st? I do not understand if we are going to die consciously or physically.

2012-11-10 @ 16:06:44


I am going to Sedona
and I am seeking for a spiritual guide
for me, my mom, my sister and her husband.
We have a spiritual background, and we would like to join a celebration
for december 21st.
Are you guiding any event in Sedona for this day?
Or could you recommend me someone please?
Thank you.

2012-11-10 @ 15:05:16

Cody Rienstra (Facebook Name - Mirror Illusions)

Could one make a determination based on stuff they've learned personally, intuitively, logically/rationally, scientifically, mathematically, literally, spiritually, politically, religiously, multi-dimensionally and multi-universally beyond heart, feeling, thought, and being throughout their existence that "illusions" are "illusions"?

2012-11-10 @ 12:05:38


Hi Drunvalo:
I have a few more questions. What is the importance of the golden octahedron? Where exactly is the alpha and omega? What does each cap (tetrahedral, octahedral, icosahedral) on the breathing tube mean and which is each of their function?
Gail from Tampa, FL

2012-11-10 @ 10:02:53

Karen Briscombe

Karen, Cambridge,England. Hello Drunvalo, is it possible to "sound" our natural merkabah into being using sacred words chanting or humming? I cannot remember but I believe the tetrahedron has its own note. If so, what are the sounds? Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom. Heartfelt gratitude for all you do.

2012-11-09 @ 19:48:40


Sophie (french) Vancouver,

Hi Drunvalo!

I would like,first, to thank you for your involvment in changing the humanity consciousness/heart and for sharing your wisdom
I would like to know when the ascension is going to take place, what is its real purpose and what are dimensions made of.

Thank you so much,
I share your excitment too,
Lots of love

2012-11-09 @ 12:13:30

Brandon Houthuys

Brandon Houthuys, lethbridge Alberta, hello Drunvalo: I have never been religious or payed much attention to God, but 8 months ago I, through many accidents, found lost texts on Internet. And instead of printing them off I was "instructed" to write them out. Including the emerald tablets. What does this mean? I'm perplexed.

2012-11-09 @ 06:37:51

Johnatan Vassan

John V, México

HOLA Drunvalo:

1 Regarding the 3 dark days on December 21? Is it true? any advice?
2 Is every life form succeeding from 3rd to 4th unlike its health, beliefs and level of consciousness? When it may happen?
3 Is it wise to start a network business? Or to help and serve? I suppose money won’t be useful for too long right?


2012-11-08 @ 14:56:04


My name is Yohana and I am from California

I wonder whether the merkava is a kind of healing technique that opposes any other healing.
I am told that doing two kinds of healing, paralelicaly is not recommended.
Thank you

Yohana with Love.

2012-11-08 @ 10:33:34


Hi Drunvalo your teachings deeply resonate with me. I have this idea that humanity is in an encapsulation and has been an experiment - with this move towards a shift in consciousness we have an opportunity to leave the encapsulation if we are on the right resonance i.e. if we raise our vibration by living through our hearts can you comment please

2012-11-08 @ 09:28:21

Kennithia Williams

My questions is about the Merkaba meditation CD.I'm trying to follow the guided meditation but I don't understand what "pulse" means. Pulse is repeated several times during this meditation and I'm having a hard time following and focusing because I'm confused about what I'm supposed to be doing. Thanks for your time and guide.
Kennithia-Suffolk VA

2012-11-08 @ 06:10:46


Hi Drunvalo,
I attended the May 2012 class in Sedona and on Sunday my golden merkaba was activated. Then this morning my merkaba merged with the sacred space of the heart. What now? Creating? What is the 3rd level? How many levels are there?
Love and light,

2012-11-07 @ 18:53:56


maell rouleau from montreal canada
I am one of those soul born with twospirits, I feel and look like a third gender"kind" since my birth.Why some soul are born in the wrong gender body like transgender, transexual or can't identify neither male or female ?thank you very much and namaste

2012-11-07 @ 11:04:34

Sheryl Firkus

I sure would like to hear more on the Ascended Masters - especially on your experiences with them. Have you enjoyed the food straight from the Universal substance & are you allowed to give us details on what you saw in the Inner Cities???? I would like to know what activities the families enjoy there. Thanks Sheryl Firkus Houston Tx

2012-11-06 @ 17:23:19

Marie de Kock

Marie de Kock, Chile.
Sometimes it feels as if Mother Earth is like an abused woman. Can you please talk about things that She is doing to save herself? You once mentioned that she did something protective for her grid. It gave me so much hope. And can you talk about all the other species - what is happening and what is going to happen to them?

2012-11-06 @ 09:44:37


Dearest Drunvalo Melchizedek Just to say a Big thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us from my heart to your heart <3

2012-11-06 @ 07:55:57

Claudia Melchior

Hello again Drunvalo,

I'm Claudia, i sent you a message to you this week because i would like to know about Brazil. And today i'm sending this message because..i'm sorry but...there are people saying that you are a reptile, in the internet, on youtube..
So..what do you have to say to this people..Can you explain something about it?

2012-11-05 @ 21:06:52

Mirror Illusions

If one is to study all forms of meditation and sacred geometry and then practice, could one then combine all forms of meditation and sacred geometry together into one, thus manifesting something so positive and higher than "christ consciousness" or "pure consciousness"? If yes, why and if no why.

2012-11-05 @ 16:50:23

David Litvak

Dave Litvak, Colorado USA: I have a question regarding the people who are descending in consciousness, that is, those who have the chin light beams pointing downward at 45 degrees. Are they losing consciousness as they descend the octaves from level 145? If so, why would they choose to descend? Do they have a choice? Thank you.

2012-11-05 @ 16:14:02

Jeremy Christopher

I've been drawn to harmonize my body with the different western astrological personalities, as part of my ascension; understanding its vibration resonating up thru each one.
I am Aries, and so far, I have completely made it thru Cancer.
I know of other types of wave forms to resonate with, but have you heard of this process before, any suggestions?

2012-11-05 @ 13:47:28


Carole,Medford OR.

2012-11-05 @ 09:07:29

joseph alecio

Hi was just reading flower of life book vol 2 and at chapter 12 it mentions drugs,which came as a good synchronicity for other reasons,I was wondering the efects of cannabis on the chakras? as it is not mentioned there.I am also very grateful for your work and coming across it,I strugle with it at times on certain subjects. plz reply 2 my email adr


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