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2012-10-20 @ 23:10:26


Hello Drunvalo,

I am wondering where you will be on December 21, 2012 at 11:11? How will you spend this moment and where?

Thank you!

2012-10-20 @ 04:57:08


Hi Drunvalo, my name is Anna and i live in Scotland. When i was young, about 5 yrs old, mission control contacted me because i had been asking for the truth. When they spoke i instantly went into great fear and ignored their call. I thought i had gone mad. As ive grown older i now know this was real. I am not mad! who are mission control?

2012-10-20 @ 00:15:33

Rustam Alamsyah, Jakarta,indonesia

Could shells function like crystals? as sending and receiving frequencies from outer or deep space? i picked up some 20 shells as large and heavyv as 1 to 50 kgs on the shore/beach in south sumatera. i choosed the shells that makes me goose pimpels or shaking my hand or strained my ears.

2012-10-19 @ 23:12:16

Rustam Alamsyah, Jakarta,indonesia

1.Hw do i know that something is real or not? So far i used kinesiolgy (richard Dawkins):i get goose pimples or my hand is shaking or my ears is strained.
2.Zeta reticuli via Nancy Lieder maintained that Transformation is linked to a cataclysm of the Earth.You never touched that cataclysm.
3.Listening, watching you, i feel attracted, peacefull.

2012-10-19 @ 18:48:09

Natacha Henriquez Paneyko

Since I was 10 years old I travel with my astral body. Several years ago I began to cross the mirrows and enter into parallel universes. I am aware of several others "me", and are complete different persons but I know they are me. My question is: are these worlds a cross the mirrow physical worlds? Natacha,from Caracas Venezuela.

2012-10-19 @ 09:38:52


Hi Drunvalo, I am going to build a meditation/music room and was wondering whether building it in the shape of a merkaba would have any effect on the energy flow within?
Thankyou, Leo

2012-10-19 @ 03:39:38


sharee-lee forbes
14 november 1970


2012-10-19 @ 03:16:54


shari forbes
aus :)

2012-10-18 @ 20:43:50


My name is Adina and I live in the US. I've always felt a bit like an outsider, and I'm jewish, so I'm wondering, could that mean that I might have DNA closer to those of the original Hebrews? Also, if the Hebrews came from our future, does that mean that they create a closed loop with me? Will my descendants will travel back and be my ancestors?

2012-10-18 @ 19:48:15


I get "chill bumps" many a day. When my state of awareness heightens my whole self goes through a shift. It happens most often in my car. I will become aware of beauty,or become centered in heart and then instantly I get chill bumps over my entire body.
What do you make of this? Sometimes my whole body shivers, even in 100 degree heat.

2012-10-18 @ 19:37:26


Hello, my name is Cody, I am from Illinois. My question is how to activate the genuine Mer-Ka-Ba from inside the Sacred Space of the Heart? The actual process? This is obviously in absence of the synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba. I have nothing. Thank you for all your work!

2012-10-18 @ 12:28:07

Stefan Selig

some say that the sun has already expanded beyond the earth's orbit back in 1987 and we are existing in a hologram in the 5th dimension where the 3rd dimension is recreated, is this true?
If it is then is accenion just basically allowing everyone to realize we are already in the 5th dimension?

2012-10-18 @ 12:26:03

Stefan Selig

Regarding the accesnion of the planet and humanity, my understanding is there is no due date for this, it will happen when the planet and humanity is ready, so may happen by Dec. 21, 2012 or may happen several years latter, is this correct?

2012-10-18 @ 11:09:52

deniz dervish

Deniz Northern Cyprus

hi, I have a question about third eye, how do I open it and use it.

2012-10-18 @ 09:48:32


Nasir. Norway

Hi drunvalo lov your work just started reading the first book so far so good. i really want to become One with My friend here the merkabaha and experience him. I cant affford anything at the moment at all so is the information in the book enough for me to activate My merkabaha and can i use IT for other things?

2012-10-18 @ 08:30:24


shari-lee forbes

hervey bay


2012-10-17 @ 17:30:51


Hello Drunvalo! My name is Lotta and I am from Sweden. I┬┤ve just seen your video: Birth of a new humanity.
-How long does the actual ascension process take?
-Is it instant or does it take many years after 2015 for us to ascend?

2012-10-17 @ 12:49:56

Marisel Vilaro

Hi Drunvalo
Marisel Vilaro
Puerto Rico
First I want to acknowledge for all of the work that you do in service for all of us. My question is how do I know if my merkaba is stable and working well. Thank you. Blessings from the island of Puerto Rico.

2012-10-17 @ 07:19:06


Can cellphone usage, especially when placed on the ear, disrupt the beams of Light circuitry in the head?

2012-10-17 @ 04:48:01

Kelly kiewik

1.Who put the sphinx there and why?
2.If Martians left Mars 1 million years ago but only came to earth 65,000 years ago where did they go first & why did they leave there.
3.Was Thoth good or bad as he came back in Greece as Hermes Thoth Augustus & I have heard he was bad.
4.Is the merkaba a total of 9 tetrahedrons in total - 3 sets of 3.

2012-10-15 @ 13:34:49


Dave Litvak, Colorado USA. In one of your videos, you say that the guerrilas in Columbia killed some 50 Kogis, including Mamas. How was this possible if the Kogis know the future from signs of nature? Do they have no concern about their death? How can we sincerely do the Unity Breath after this?

2012-10-15 @ 01:00:28

Karen Wade

I was sitting on the beach this evening watching the sunset and Archangel Michael appeared in the clouds and spoke to me and then an image of Mt. Shasta appeared and I was told I was to go there and be in ceremony with Drunvalo on the 4th Dec this year. Can you give me any insight around this as my heart is called to be there.

2012-10-14 @ 16:22:28


Susan Kamya, Uganda East Africa. Hi Mr. Drunval, thanks 4 the excellent work, since i was young i have had dreams about the end of world as we know it even before i learnt about 2012. i get dreams about people & they happen in reality. my family & friends think am weird. can u help me understand myself coz most times i think am weird too. God bls

2012-10-14 @ 00:41:18

Dennis Williams

I recently read your book "Serpent of Light"... i'd like to visit Peru but and confused by the conflicting portrayals of the area. Why is Peu in such violent turmoil if it is supposed to have taken over as the spiritual center of the world? Shouldn Peru have grdually moved closer and closer to a peaceful place like Tibet?

2012-10-13 @ 12:22:55

Kody Dibble

Hello, I've watched alot of your vidoes and information resources. I have some questions regarding the religious doctrine of Eternal Hell, and torment. Is this an actuality or is just a FEAR control scheme devised by men. I fear God, because he can do terrible things to me. But I love him much. God Bless and Shalom.


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