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2012-10-13 @ 07:34:01

Amy Westover, Ohio

Dear Drunvalo,
Have you ever experienced a natural DMT from the brain the pituitary gland?Also
this is just an opinion, the crop circles are created by sound waves that we cannot hear, this is just a belief of course.The only truth to anything is LOVE,that is our only true reality everything else is only a dream.Thanks,Drun. LOVE,Amy

2012-10-12 @ 21:56:32


Hi Drunvalo,
My wife and I are living in Italy. We would like to participate to the first MERKABA SEMINAR ---only during the period of March 2013 untill end of September 2013---(in other period we are out of Italy) Could U kindly inform us WHO we can TRUST(& where) to get in touch?
Thank you for next answering!
In Divine Friendship

2012-10-12 @ 21:56:20


Joseph Beloit WI. USA I get disappointed when I'm have to submit to a fee for scared knowledge. I don't think Jesus or The Budda charged for the enlightenment that they offered. If I were truly a enlightened person I would spread this gift with love and know that God would be there when my coffers were empty. I want to know why you are above this?

2012-10-12 @ 19:33:11


Hi! yesterday i enter to the events publicated on the page and there was a workshop with Drunvalo in Guadalajara at the begining of 2013 but now i cant find it! please, i need information, thanks so much! (i`m travelling in mexico and i`ll be in Guadalajara for this date...) BLESSINGS

2012-10-12 @ 16:09:46

Marc Barker

Hi Drunvalo,

Do you think the next universe/cosmic cycle we are moving into will be based on an entirely new geometric pattern/relationship? (i.e. not a sphere?)


Marc in Ithaca NY

2012-10-12 @ 14:56:13

Cris, Santiago de Compostela

Hi Drunvalo! First thing, thank you for sharing your love and wisdom. My question is: would it be appropriate to activate the Merkaba during a storm, or would it be better to wait for it to end due to the effects of ionization on the human being's energy body? Also i'd like to ask you if i could teach my boyfriend the Merkaba meditation. Thank you!

2012-10-12 @ 10:23:26


Do you think how we will experience the ascension on the planet will be living with free energy,no monetary system, or outside source to govern us. Is the ascension more 'DOWN TO EARTH' then what we maybe imagining?
Yes totally different perspective in how we approach creation now, but it will just feel like living, only easier? Stephen/Toronto Ca

2012-10-12 @ 10:12:52


Greetings Brother

I have found that the more I am present and grounded, fully living as a human.....this is what we are being called to do for the ascension. In that context I'm asking do you think that what we will experience when the ascension/shift takes place is the world that Heart Math and others have spoken about where we have free energy,

2012-10-12 @ 07:13:33

nicole schilling

nicole, Brisbane Australia. You mention in your book," living from the heart", that most people live from the area around the pineal gland. If it is more important to live from the heart area, how come most eastern traditions seem to focus exclusively on chanting "Om". Have I been wasting my time !??

2012-10-12 @ 03:22:02

Rumi J.

Hi Dru,

If there is just one true nature, that one spirit that moves trough all of us, which is omnipresent, omniscience, omnipotent. Does it really matter for each separate indivudual to learn the merkaba or heartmeditation? Doesn't any type of meditation reinforces the sense of a separate self?

Rumi J.


2012-10-12 @ 02:39:32


For the the people who cannot attend your workshops du to financial reasons or for the fact they simply have no way of attending even if it is in their highest intrest, what can we do to learn about your teachings that are available only in your workshops? It almost seems unfair in that way only a select few can attend.

2012-10-11 @ 09:03:26

Diane Lyndon

Diane in Trenton, Ontario, Canada
Would you be interested in doing a workshop at Balsorano Castle in Italy? I have just took 21 international women to a retreat to visit lay lines there and an archeological dig of goddess temples. Aquila, the site of an earthquake in 2009, has the flower of life symbol in all its churches and is on the grid line.

2012-10-11 @ 06:42:29


you said that we are going to be dealing with
the extended Sun, that soon our fathers will
turn the hologram off, is there an specific span of
time, already known by them, when this sun will directly hit the planet,
resulting in photons disturbing human behavior and of course computers,
satellites, etc.? do you have an idea on when this will occur?

2012-10-11 @ 06:37:45


you said that our fathers the Syrians created a
complex hologram to protect us from radiation and heat, that
they were controlling the events in our lives. What kind
of control did they implemented? If we are supposed to have "free will",
this has a limit when our celestial parents take the steering
wheel of our lives as humans, can you explain?

2012-10-11 @ 06:34:36


In your last episode of Q&A N┬░6, You mentioned
that the Sun has shifted into Helium and has expanded beyond the
Earth. How does this change affect behavior patterns
specifically in men and in women? Physically, emotionally, psychically?
It seems that the reason there is a huge struggle in couples is this factor.

2012-10-10 @ 20:41:31


My name is Alexandra and I am writing from Canada.

My question is this: What exactly is the difference between Resurrection and Ascension?

Also, I saw one of your interviews with Lilou and was hoping you could inform me, and your other viewers, more about Dr.Heart's work and how/where one can sign up for a treatment. Is there a website? Thanks!

2012-10-10 @ 12:35:28

Mathew Butler

Thank you for the training, i have had a lot of fun, if i can assist you in anyway, please dont hesitate to make contact...Namast Lord Melchizadek, in service White Mathew...:)

2012-10-10 @ 12:31:11


Hello Drunvalo, I would like to ask is there any relations on the Lotus and our awakening or any relationship on the lotus and the flower of life?

Thx - Manael

2012-10-10 @ 12:04:15


Roberto Baez from New York. What main kind of yoga should be practiced? Why?

2012-10-09 @ 20:53:33


Hi! Richard and I are blown ! How is your Hiatus going ? We are getting older for being OLD! METATRON IS deffinitely an Archangel. I have completed you 'Serpent of Light. I need to read books several times around. Juicy tidbits....Thanks for listening to me !

2012-10-09 @ 12:14:23

Sulastri Hashim

Hello Sir,

I'm from the East but was divinely lead (I think)move to the Sacred Valley of the Inca of Yanahuara, Urubamba.3 years in here now I was lead to this website for some reason I do not know. I have been drawing the flower of life ever since I was 7. We have our own mountain with ruins in the sacred valley accessible only by horseback.

2012-10-08 @ 20:16:12

Geordan out of Oregon

Is the star octahedron the shape that our merkabahs will take in the fourth dimension?

2012-10-08 @ 13:01:47

Natalie Thompson

I just want to say 'thank you' for the work you have come here to do for all life - you are an inspiration and the flower of life course has changed my life!


2012-10-07 @ 21:55:18


When are we going to see the next video??

2012-10-07 @ 20:45:59

andrea berrios

Hi Dear Drunvalo
I m not very good at English, but now I try to improve this weakness
I m very interested to learn about The School of Remembering, but I live in Santiago de Chile, is posible take on line courses, or same times are you planifed to came at sud america.

thank you, especially about all information to share us,I send you light of my H


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