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2012-10-06 @ 05:58:35

sandra luiza stocco

Hi Drun:

my question is about old egypt- egg of life- the red orange egg up to head of egypt people! is this mean that the next level will became like plasma like the plasma beings??? and about object DJED (ENERGY/POWER GENERATOR) ? what's the connection of this object to ascension/resurrection process?
gratid√£o (gratitude)

2012-10-05 @ 21:28:57


Roberto from New York. Im turning 19 in late 2012. I recently started getting into all this specific spiritual path. I only know a 10th of a percent of the information out there. I'm afraid that i don't have enough time to be able to activate my merkabah for the up coming shift. What is the best meditation, yoga, etc that will help?

2012-10-05 @ 09:11:42

Eleanor Lydia Bayne

Hi Drunvalo,greetings from Barbados, I recently watched your video on food,excercise and our ascension process, please let me know where i can find more complete info on the food combinations based on their enzyme factors, as you outlined. Much love lydia

2012-10-05 @ 09:03:10


I was just listening to your interview on Coast to Coast and you mentioned the book/movie "The Secret" and that material teaching to manifest from your mind which instead created the opposite and proceeds from that work are now tied up in court.
Is the James Ray sweat lodge incident the same?, did people die because they were manifesting w/the mind

2012-10-05 @ 01:42:03

Samantha Kemp

Samantha Kemp, UK. Hi -I've just discovered you and am in the process of reading your first book. I've been a stranger to my spiritual path and am pleased to say I'm back on that homely road, however I am so so struggling with fear, fear about the future, fear for my loved ones. Then I worry about being scared! How can I stop this cycle please??

2012-10-04 @ 13:28:16

Eric Hamel

Hi Drunvalo,

I am Eric Hamel, from Ottawa/Canada.

I have a quick question regarding our light body. Is the use of monoatomic gold helping the Merkaba, and/or our light body?

Thank you,

2012-10-03 @ 13:26:18

Lara Waldman

My understanding from your work is that we are leaving the earth at some point during the ascension process. Is this true? If so, why is this the case? Why can we not stay here or why are we choosing to go?
Thank you,
Lara Waldman
London, Enlgand

2012-10-03 @ 09:32:08


Hi, Drunvalo. I have not got a camera PC yet. 1) Can I get your new book on my Amazon Cloud Kindle yet? 2) How is the Andromeda docking with Milky Way going so far? Metatron book is what all lightworkers need to have.
Telos is a good step up from surface life so that our Dimension Consciousness can be really felt! Does this seem right? Thank you!

2012-10-02 @ 10:32:53

Brigitte van den Berg

Dear Drunvalo,

when is awakening the illuminated heart coming out on DVD and are you coming to the the netherlands any time sooner or later?


Love Brigitte

2012-10-01 @ 19:18:37


You have spoke of Bell Labratories & the microwaves & how they up'ed the power 50 times of what we would normally need & that we are still suffering from it. Please explain how & in what way? Why have they not corrected the problem?
Thanks, Margie USA

2012-10-01 @ 19:15:27


About the Fulvic & Humic acid you spoke of, What is a good brand name & where to get it. Apperantly, there are better places than others. I'd like it for cleansing. Is the tincture the best or the drinkable liquid? Infinite Love & Gratitude,

2012-10-01 @ 19:10:27


With your new book coming, I assuume "the end" is not real soon. I know no one knows WHEN but do you have any idea? will it be in that 4 yr. window you spoke of which is by 2015?
I'm beginning, so should I read your books & trainings in order they came out or jump to the latest ones?
Where is the teaching of the non-synthetic Mer-ka-ba?

2012-10-01 @ 18:12:10

Joseph Walden

Using a pressure technique applied to the eyes...I fly through geomtrical planes then arriving at a bright yellow sphere with indigo-lightning energies and a vortex swirling around...do you know what this is? source?

2012-10-01 @ 05:05:49

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal, England. I attended a FOL workshop in UK in 1997, this was the original full version. On listening to the Q&A sessions I now understand that this teaching of the Mer-Ka-Ba is the 'male' synthetic way. Is there any way I can access the new 'female' understanding of the Mer-Ka-Ba without having to attend another workshop. Thank you.

2012-09-30 @ 03:48:44

Diana from Romania

Hi Drunvalo ! :)
First let me tell you that I LOVE your books !
Now...one reads also a lot of non-positive things about the next period, after 2012-2013, and my question is if we should exchange our money into gold assets so that we'll still have something to "spend" in case the currencies will devalue dramatically.
Thank you in advance !

2012-09-29 @ 09:04:33


Ethan from UK.

Am I understanding correctly that the Luciferian Reality and the Original Reality are actually overlapping and we are now in this "zone" where we have access to both? Mechanical technology vs Feelings technology?

Secondly if the Luciferian Flower of Life is different then wouldn't this also create a different Metatron's cube?

2012-09-28 @ 23:26:18

Jessica Rosslee

Jessica Rosslee, South Africa.
Blessings. I would like to see clear the role to be played living in Africa, the ancient tribes here have much to share however is there healing for Africa and the indigenous tribes here? And if so, could you share your understanding? Specifically but not limited to south Africa.

2012-09-28 @ 11:10:53

Andrew Noaro

Hello Drunvalo,
With the sacred space of the hart meditation, I would like to know how much of the visualization is perhaps just my imagination? When I have desended into the 1st hart space should I just let things unfold on there own? Basicly I dont know if I am doing it right.
My love and gratitude to you sweet one!
Andrew Noaro

2012-09-28 @ 01:14:30


Jonathon, Australia

Who was Jesus really?

2012-09-28 @ 01:09:51


Jonathon, Australia

What is the importance of the platonic solids and how do they relate to life, merkaba science, and conventional science.

2012-09-27 @ 04:20:26

paul bongioletti

hello just saw your video and you described how the merkaba works and whats going to happen, i just wanted to say that ive been feeling this for wuite some time and i have been shown by malevolent forces what i would become, thank you so much for saying what your saying, cause its happening to me
the light atop my head reasures me that its all god

2012-09-26 @ 18:59:06

Steve Benwell, Wales/UK

There are 4 cycles of the season's (Each last 13 weeks), there is also 4 stages of the human life cycle, (Each lasting 13 years) The human life cycle is apart of the humanity cycle which lasts 52,000 years, which is also broken down into 4 stage's the Birth, Adult, Middle Age & Death, The last 13,000 year cycle of humanity is about to Die / Reborn.

2012-09-26 @ 12:46:14

Anna Maria Gabriel

What if time is not linear the way we perceive? What if all that IS is in the Eternal Now? If that be true, haven't the great changes within around and outside of us already occurred and have always been in place? On some level, aren't we already in the dimension in which we are supposed to be residing? Our limited minds do realize it yet?

2012-09-26 @ 10:15:08

Kamalla Garnier, Oregon

What is the 4th dimension that we'll be going to like? Will it be just kind of like dreaming or will it be more real than that?

2012-09-26 @ 10:07:13

Kamalla Garnier, Oregon

Hello, I was wondering what happens to those in the shift that are pregnant? Will they still be pregnant in the 4th dimension? Will we still be parents to our children there? If our adult body is the baby body there then are babies & children just smaller babies then? Thank you!


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