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2012-09-18 @ 00:51:29



Why is Large Hadron Collider & Human Genome projects are important in this age of time on earth ?

Or may be I should not be mixing them together;-)


2012-09-17 @ 16:29:27

Marie Sylvie DAoust

AlbertaCanada meditation last year the flower of life cell gather together much more then was brought to the ocean i was soak in the ocean splash front and back then when down under the ground deep saw two dolphin gave me a ride under sea felt mother earth love two days after recieve energy came from my root chakra very strong can you explain

2012-09-17 @ 07:38:53

Pernilla from Sweden

Hey Drunvalo.
I have an important message. It´s too long to post here. Can I send it to any email? I really wish you took the time to read it. The message is about pyramids, crystals and the Earth's future. Please email me so I can send it as a pdf file to you and if you find it interesting, you can help it reach more people.
Best Regards

2012-09-16 @ 17:59:00


In Q&A episode 5, you answered that the larger toroidal field represents the sacred space and the inner toroidal field represents the tiny space, right? But in Living in the Heart Bk page 95 The Male Way you wrote to enter the heart use the smaller toroidal field. Does the male way put you directly in the tiny space? or the sacred space (page 96)?

2012-09-16 @ 11:44:45

patrick schwartz

On Coast to Coast during 2009, you stated that you did not think this third dimensional experience would last like it is today through 2013; that February 19, 2013 was a very special date and that things would escalate toward humanity entering a new dimension at that time. It is now September 2012. Do you still believe this as strongly as in 2009?

2012-09-16 @ 09:02:28

Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa from Mexico

Hi Drunvalo
In one of your episodes of Q & A You tolds us about a 4th option. I understand ascention, resurrection an how to die, but you mention another, what is, and could you explain to us please? Thank you.

2012-09-16 @ 08:49:41

Mr. M

83,000 temples and about 1 million crystals helped form the new consciousness grid for a new humanity according to a Drunvalo youtube video. Maya predict a physical pole shift. Wouldn't the physical pole shift destroy the Geomancy and thus the new consciousness grid??

2012-09-16 @ 05:10:39

Walter van Groningen

Hi there!

1. how about incarnated angels?
what's their role in the transformation process?

2. after a healing session i was told about dragons flying with me.
any idea what this could mean for someone? kundalini?

3. if i close my eyes and think about incarnation, i see a flash of dark-green light with silver stars. what's the connection here

2012-09-15 @ 18:36:17


have you ever experienced this Drumvalo i do not fel at a loose to understand i simply wanted to shre th exprnce thank you..however your insight wld b apprcted

2012-09-15 @ 18:34:44


I indeed saw more stars the landscape changed the height of bushes trees etc when the moon stopped it's motion a certain thought or realization came to mind as i said ok i hear/understand/accept the travel in time would begin again. It repeated 7-8 tomes until i feel asleep i did panic at first and i do not feel fear easily only lking drkly at th m

2012-09-15 @ 18:31:26


I am listening to Drumvalo thanking grateful..on a full moon recently i was watching the moon..i saw the face of the women i love.dancing,i realized that it was the phases of the moon traveling back in time at a rate and i'm guesing, 1 month per second.I thought if i'm going back in time the light of the city would change..i saw more stars a fallin

2012-09-15 @ 10:40:51


Hello Drunvalo,
Many thanks for your efforts and guidance in our evolution.

Could you please expand on your knowledge of twin flame, in addition to the purpose of their incarnating and finding one another at this time?

Thank you.

2012-09-15 @ 10:16:02

Sabina (London)

After the heart meditation I slept and then something woke me.There was a loud whirring.I saw a spinning red wheel and open door behind.Beyond was space.I flew out thru the door and traveled in space and saw a planet like earth.I landed and there was a tree and grass.No people.I woke up suddenly.Did my merkaba take me there? Where did I go? Love S

2012-09-14 @ 21:05:34

David Seubert-New Hampshire

During a meditation years ago before knowing what a Merkaba was, one actually appeared in front of me and a beam of light from it was aimed at my third eye. This happened frequently thereafter. Finally I found myself inside the Merkaba which on the inside was much larger than it was on the outside. Could you discuss what this might signify? Thanks!

2012-09-14 @ 18:29:37


HI- what purpose do horror movies serve? I feel like they are destructive to the psyche and I've stopped watching them. Even with exciting movies, I can't watch them anymore and have to go to the ending first to see how it ends. I was never that way before, but now,my nervous system can't take the suspense. Could you please comment on this. Thanks.

2012-09-14 @ 16:45:11


Hello my name is Braden from Nebraska. I understand and connect with a lot of what you teach about the merkaba and accession and want to learn to activate my merkaba through my heart as you talk about this. I would prefer this method but Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshops arent common where I live and travel is not possible.

2012-09-14 @ 14:27:16

Troy Megill

Dear Drunvalo Melchizedek,
If I may take a small part of your valuable time sir, with great admiration and respect, Please can you help me solve this mystery.
My question is, If the Nefilim are our mothers, and Sirians our fathers, would Homo Sapiens not be part lucifarian genes or consciousness before the Atlantis Mars incident 65,000 years ago?

2012-09-14 @ 07:36:58


Hi Drunvalo, I am new to your site and I appreciate these question and answer videos.
First question, I saw in one video you had stated that not many people on the earth have a functioning Merkabah at this time, only about 50 million. So, can we have a functioning Merkabah without knowing it? Also, any thoughts on the Hollow earth theory?

2012-09-13 @ 22:05:08

Myriam Duran

Drunvalo hermano del tiempo -espacio e infinito, gracias por decidir estar ahora aquí, la pregunta muy importante para mi es : PUEDES AYUDARME A RECORDAR?... Gracias

2012-09-13 @ 10:27:57


hi Drunvalo, Iam Sooraj from varkala in India.Iam glad to hear yours views on 2012 on youtube,my question is that
how to change living like acients although iam so tired of this material life of living i know reiki ,and i started to practise rajyoga, doing rajyoga meditaion and reiki can change my conscioussness. forgive my poor english

2012-09-13 @ 09:54:58


Can human beings mate spiritually in this dimension?

2012-09-13 @ 05:49:21


Привет Друнвало!Моё имя Таня,из России.Извините ,что на русском.
1.Есть ли в России сертифицированные инструкторы по Мер-ка-ба?Если возможно написать их контакты.
2.Как можно помочь маленьким детям при переходе,пережить 6 часовой период(у меня двое детей 1и 3 года)?
3.Остануться ли дети со мной,или у них будут другие родители?
Спасибо вам за книги!

2012-09-12 @ 19:29:41


Dear Drunvalo! I am really inspired by your wisdom and soul! I am from Russia and today I am living in California. I would like to see Arizona over because when I was traveling through Arizona I felt incredible Energy from Mother Earth and Universe! Drunvalo, thank you so much for your teaching which is really important for the souls!

2012-09-12 @ 11:29:02


Hi Drunvalo,
In my third eye i consistently see one of these at a time: Triangle apex up, triangle apex down, mainly down. Six lines that run through the hexagon. No particular shape just a rotation to the right mainly, or left and some times counter rotating like two staight lines with an axis in middle.
How does this relate to the merkaba?

2012-09-12 @ 05:21:17

Beatrice Boctor

Dear Drunvalo,

Can I please ask you what you think about the Hebrews/Khazarians and the role they seem to have accepted to take in the present earth drama, Can
anything be done to ameliorate the effects of extremely destructive acts
esp in the ME where WWIII is waiting to be ignited. Can love and
forgiveness help? What else, and how?


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