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2012-09-12 @ 05:17:23

Beatrice Boctor

Dear Drunvalo,

Can I please ask you what you think about the Jewish people and the role
they seem to have accepted to take in the earth drama? Can
anything be done to ameliorate the effects of extremely destructive acts
esp in the ME where WWIII is waiting to be ignited. Can love and
forgiveness help? What else, and how?

2012-09-11 @ 23:45:09


Good day Mr. Drunvalo.

I admire your work and I am very grateful for since.

I have a question: Who are Orbs? Why do you come?

Thank you for your answer.

With love Svetlana

2012-09-11 @ 13:58:27

Adine Gentzkow

What do you think about the Keys to the Book of Enoch, is it relevant to what is going on today? I am very sensitive to the dangers of being misled about which teachers to listen to. I feel that your insight into how we move through this life is correct and I don't see any conflict between what you teach and the information contained in this book

2012-09-11 @ 05:35:13


Dear Drunvalo,
I'd like to know if there are requesites for the Merkaba as well as the Heart meditation to work (f.e. Not to see the TV, not to eat meat, not to lie, etc.)
Secondly, I'd like to know If the development of the siddhis matters. I mean, many books on Yoga warn about them and, If they appear, it's said to "forget them and go on"

2012-09-10 @ 19:55:53

glen in new york

"The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantean" translation by Doreal notes that only 10 of the 12 Emerald Tablets have been disclosed

It goes on to say that the final 2 are too great and far-reaching to release at present

I was wondering if you knew what the last 2 tablets contain or if there are any plans to release them

Many Thanks

2012-09-10 @ 07:57:13


Nature and Timing of the Shift

2012-09-10 @ 07:07:27

caroline don

i am super interested in the forgiveness chamber. now i am at an ayahuasca retreat center in peru,working on healing severe childhood trauma,that i know happened but don't have the memories about. the chamber would help a lot and i feel we all need access to it's healing. how can we take advantage of this revolutionary tool asap? caroline,iquitos

2012-09-09 @ 23:49:36

Hannry Chan

Dear Beloved Drunvalo,

Apologized that I am camera shy. Hannry from Penang,Malaysia.

My mind is trying to map & verify for the truth. What you mention about different dimensions is what we understand as different level of consciousness(Physical, Astro,Casual,Super casual & Sach Khand/The Realm Of Truth).Various civilizations are map to the above?

2012-09-09 @ 22:44:45


Dear Beloved Drunvalo,

We have a community in Penang, Malaysia practising Surat Shabad Yoga all our life. It simply means focus on divine sound & light together in harmony to ascension.

This is the first time we have heard of MerKaBa.

We are wondering if there is a different in terms of the objective which is connecting to the prime creator?


2012-09-09 @ 20:17:53

Kera in Canada

Hi Drunvalo,

About existence in the 4th dimension, I'm curious to know if those who have a bodily deformity or, for example, have lost their teeth, will they be be able to create their body back to wholeness and to appear as they would like it to be?

Thank you for all the great work you are doing in service to humanity.

2012-09-09 @ 19:06:56

Patricia C. Gouzy

What will happen to our families? Will we be reunited once we are on the 4th dimension? What if we transition differently, i.e. some through death, some through resurrection, and some through ascencion?

2012-09-08 @ 19:33:21


Dear Drunvalo,sense I was 12yrs old I have wondered why this world made no sense to me,you make sense to me.I would like to activate my merkaba however I cannot afford to take your classes or travel,how can you provide this knowledge and wisdom to people like me? Lia from Apex NC thx

2012-09-08 @ 14:43:55

Elle, North Carolina

Where do all the people who have passed on recently, fit into the upcoming earth transformation?

2012-09-08 @ 12:21:52

Bogdan, Romania

Hello Drunvalo,

I've listened to some things you said about Merkaba, universe being actually an image and other things that are hard to understand, at least for the mind.
My question is: what to do in order to help? To make things better?
This is for the ones with no merkaba activated and not living in the heart yet :)
Thank you!

2012-09-08 @ 10:09:01

Kimmy Smith

Kimmy, Eugene, OR

I want to thank you for your amazing presence on this planet!!! Love watching the new Q and A. A topic I've been struggling with most of my life is: Why were we as humans designed with all this DNA and chromosome potential and we are only using a sliver of it...? Feels like we are on the same hamster wheel for millennia?

2012-09-07 @ 22:19:59

Jon-Mark Benge

Indiana, Usa
I am very thankfull for this site and hope that my questions are answered. I see the number 33 everywhere and all the time. What does it mean? An illuminated being came and visited me when i was about ten years old. Iv allways wondered why? Sleep paralasis? Why does this happen and why do the beings visit me?

2012-09-07 @ 19:42:44


Does the MerKaBa has anything to do with spontaneous rotations (very rapid spinning around, right or left) during meditation. Either the whole body sitting in a lotus position or just my head at any time when sitting and deeply relaxed?

Thank you,

2012-09-06 @ 13:16:34

Hatice, Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
I've understood from your videos that during meditation the process of moving up with the tip-of-the-tongue on the roof of the mouth is key to align heart with mind. Can you please explain and describe in detail, e.g., where exactly on the roof of the mouth to place the tip-of-the-tongue or how to move it there? Thank you from heart!

2012-09-05 @ 22:01:20


Hi Drunvalo
You mentioned a computer chamber that heals the toroidal heart field.
Is it available for all to use?

2012-09-05 @ 21:02:21

Orrin Sproxton

how come, as one perceives expanded reality and consciousness, the perception of and the very word "free will" seem like an afterthought, while all else simply becomes doing?

2012-09-05 @ 18:30:21


Tim Hicks, Ohio USA, My question is this. When these advanced races created us. Why did they create us to be lesser than them. Why did they not give us abilities that were on par with their own? I've heard it said that we were created to do all the basic task that the advanced race didn't want to do.

2012-09-05 @ 12:30:40


Hola. No se escribir en inglés. Me gustaría hacerle una pregunta fundamental para mi vida al Sr Drunvalo pero no he encontrado esa opción en está página. Espero entiendan mi preocupación. Siempre se necesita de las respuestas de los maestros a algunas preguntas concretas. Muchas Gracias.

2012-09-05 @ 10:11:15


Drunvalo can you tell us in which the third dimension overtone are we ??

What is the difference between an overtone to another??

2012-09-04 @ 18:31:06


Paora Te Huki New Zealand. Kia ora Drunvalo, please tell me about the Merkaba that I can see in the center of the petals in the Flower of Life when I stare at it out of focus? When I found it I had two weeks of strong head spinning. Also my wife and I have done the illuminated heart workshop and she is pregnant how will this effect her and the baby

2012-09-04 @ 10:50:35

zach durant

Hi I have been meditating a lot in the therevada school of buddhism lately, I would love for you to talk about the connections between buddhism and what you are teaching, especially enlightenment, ending the cycles of samsara. Also you talk about 2012, give or take 4 years, being this shift into the 4th dimension, will this happen to everyone?


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