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2012-09-04 @ 10:05:48

maria amparo diaz llobell

Dear Drunvalo: what is real the link or conection between bosnian pyramids and egyptians? all my love to you

maria amparo diaz llobell

2012-09-04 @ 07:52:09


I was wondering if the Sinoatrial node is the physical location of the Space of the Heart. And Atrioventricular node is the physical location of the Tiny Space of the Heart. Cause the chakras seem to be the placed where the blood vessels gather. The nervous system must be MerKaBa. If so this changes science connecting science and spirituality.

2012-09-03 @ 22:55:20


Is the Sinoatrial node the physical the Sacred Heart Space? Is the Atrioventricular node the physical Tiny Space of the Heart? Cause it seems to be the nervous system that locates the chakras. It should be the same principle because the Sacred Space of the Heart and the Tiny Space of the Heart. If so this can help you.

Minneapolis, MN

2012-09-03 @ 12:38:11


Hi drunvalo
my question is : Why the Grays were here and Are they still here?
thank you

2012-09-03 @ 06:07:36


Dear Drunvalo,
I'm Jordi from Spain.
I want to use the Merkaba and Heart meditations from a scientific point of view. I mean that I could apply attention and intention and always get the same results. But, If I still don't have concious contact with my HS and I can't get results (example: Clean air/Rain), how to know what's wrong?
Thanks a lot!

2012-09-03 @ 04:16:36

Marco (from Australia)

My question is regarding channellers of ET's and higher dimensional beings (Wendy Kennedy, Bashar et al). None of them state anything about the Mer Ka ba and the details of ascension. Is this because they are not allowed?
Many thanks.

2012-09-03 @ 00:47:48

Balogh Tibor

Dear Friend,

thank you for your presence and I am happy that our ways intersected.
You and the teachings brought forward by you changed my life, my family's life.
I have only one question to ask...
I have a wonderfull family.
Will we ascend together? We'll we remain united? I know I should not worry, but I am. A little.
Many thanks and blessings.

2012-09-02 @ 21:08:29


This is not meant to be cynical but an honest question. If we do not expect to go past 2013 and perhaps February 19, 2013 before beginning to transition to the 4th dimension, why are you building your new studio during the 4th quarter of 2012; just months prior to the transition?

2012-09-02 @ 15:53:09


On a Coast to Coast interview, some time ago, you stated that February 19, 2013 was a special day, and seemed to imply that you believed we would all begin transitioning to the 4th dimension as humanity by then. You further stated that the Mayans were expecting to transition much more early. Now that it is September 2012, do you still feel this way

2012-09-02 @ 11:47:00


Strahinja Mojsovic, Serbia
Hello dear brother. :-)I have a very simple question for you. What can you tell us about sungazing?
Have a nice day, blessings and namaste!

2012-09-02 @ 02:09:10


Hi Drunvalo,

Please answer my question below:

In some of the spiritual preaching it is suggested that people should restrict sexual intercourse or not to do it often. It is also advised to preserve the sperm within the body and it would help ascension. Whats your opinion?


2012-09-02 @ 01:56:23


Hello Drunvalo,

Please answer my question below:

Q: You told that Every soul would land in 4th dimension of Earth. Most of the souls who would fail to take body along will be forced to return in 3rd dimension to take their body again. Since Earth will ascend in 4th dimension then where the souls will be sent for taking bodies?


2012-09-02 @ 01:44:10


Thanks for enlightening us. Please answer the question below:

Q: Describe the various levels of consciousness prevails in the universe. What is the difference between the consciousness of human and consciousness of star & planets. Can human be incarnated as planet/ star and how? Planets & stars are at which level of consciousness?


2012-09-01 @ 15:30:36

Juergen Wetzelsberger

Dear Drunvalo, temples of egypt are a chain. Travelling from Heliopolis to the South we connect us deeper-and higher-to our self. "Finally" Abu Simble is a place of highest identity, basis for human life on earth. But I think between Assuan and Abu Simbel the chain is disturbed. Is it necessary to act? If yes, what can be done? Juergen, Switzerland

2012-09-01 @ 15:28:03


Thank you for your beautiful work through the years, Drunvalo!
Could you detail the specific things/practices to you do every day to prepare for the Shift?
Also, I know the timeframe for the Shift is sometime between now and 2015. While noone knows exactly when that will be, could you share YOUR intuition roughly when (eg. mid 2013, late 2014)? Thx

2012-08-31 @ 18:40:15


Thank you for your sharing of knowledge.

7 second breaths are recommended. Just beginning, I am finding that this is not completely natural for me. Does it have to be 7 seconds? Is this purposefully designed for a "deeper state"? Would it be ok to have 3-4 second breaths?

2012-08-31 @ 18:15:56

Steve Emrich

In Ep6 you mentioned Indigos came here til 1985.I was born 1984.I believe Im a Crystal Kid.But I have pastlife memories,some going back to Atlantis.Did Crystals come to Earth back then?Im I mistaken with who I am with misinformation on the net? Is there Crystal kids or just Indigos?Explain the difference in your view.Thank you for your work. -Steve

2012-08-31 @ 16:47:48

Richard Lee

I was told that I needed to attend your October retreat, and I am eager to do so, but it is full and says there is a wait list. I would like to get on the waitlist and let cancellations decide whether I can attend. Phone and e-mail messages were not responded to. How can I get on the wait list? Maybe you'll find a bigger venue (hope). Thanks!

2012-08-31 @ 07:39:43


Tanin Laovanichvit, Thailand and I have a lot of questions to ask but I will pick a few to ask. In my dream, there was someone came to tell me that "everythings becomes one". Is it might be possible that he/she is an angel? 2. How can I learn Me ka ba meditation in Thailand since I cannot find your workshop in Thailand?

2012-08-30 @ 22:11:45

Shane H

Hi Drunvalo,

This question doesn't pertain to anyone directly around me, but what happens to consciousness in a heart transplant? Basically, if the heart is like a brain, wouldn't you be importing a different person's brain? What would happen to the sacred space that originally belonged to the donor?


2012-08-30 @ 17:48:16


from Allena Mallea in Olympia,wa. I'm very interested in ur workshops 4 ATIH. But there is no way i can afford your prices. If u really want to help the world & the teachers and you are going to "ascend" then why arent your workshops affordable as you wont be needing $$ much longer? Im SOOOO sad i cant be taught this important info bc im poor :( :(

2012-08-30 @ 16:06:22

Victor mexico

hello Drunvalo
as the merkaba help us in the end of the cycle?
I'm excited for that day, I practice meditation Awakening the illuminated heart, and now I'm a little confused, know that reality is within me and that everything is created from within has really surprised me, really thank you very much for everything you changed my life

2012-08-30 @ 12:51:26

Kelly DAmour, Calgary, Alberta

Many years ago I had a vision while discussing end times. Long story short I saw thousands and thousands of space craft there for a rescue mission. My question is: The possible 4th way you spoke of for us to reach the 4th dimension, would this way be through ET rescue efforts. Once many more have "eyes that can see"?

2012-08-30 @ 09:03:08

Philip Aswind van der Zee

About the merkaba activation.

When you let the merkaba spin 9/10 of the speed of light and than let one go 34 and the other 21 tan one of the two is not speeding 9/10 of the speed of light. What is wrong in my thinking?

2012-08-29 @ 10:11:36

jeffrey luna

Jeffrey luna, U.S. Before having any knowledge or hearing of the flower of life. I had a dream in which thoth appeared to me in the night sky with the flower of life behind him. All which was gold, in the dream I read sanscript/heiroglyphics, what do u feel this means?


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