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2012-08-13 @ 12:55:00

Steven Cook

Hi again Drunvalo and team. As a follow up to my previous question - if it is not possible to answer, would you consider filming/releasing a DVD/Internet Film of an AIH Workshop like the E/S/H one? I for one learn better on my own and in my own surroundings and it would be a massive boost for those who can't get to/afford to attend a Workshop.

2012-08-13 @ 12:38:43

Steven Cook

Steve Cook in England - Hello Drunvalo! :) Having watched the E/S/H DVD can you please explain how and when to activate and programme the Merkaba from the heart having gone into the tiny space, connected the beams, opened the 3rd eye and returned to the heart to create. This information would be extremely appreciated. I love your outfits. Thank you

2012-08-13 @ 12:14:43


Dear Drunvalo.

About a week ago i saw an video. Therin was told by 2 russian scientist dat we must ascend befor 22 september. They say the cataclisms wil be to powerful for us to survive. I realy like to know your opinion about that?


Thank you for your wisdom and love
Priscilla & Marcel

2012-08-13 @ 08:32:25

Yasser ayub

Hello Drunvalo i have 1 question
1- Before i enter into my space in the heart (male way) when im about to enter, there are red balls in the torodial field and when i enter i sometimes bounce back to my brain than to my heart again is that normal or its just my imagination thinking im in my heart when im still in my brain,when im back i feel weak

2012-08-13 @ 07:40:58

David from New Hampshire

Do you feel that many higher dimensional beings suffer from psychological problems due to the difficulties they face on 3D Earth? I have OCD and anxiety-panic. What would the purpose of this suffering be and might there be an attempt by darker forces to sabotage my work? Would the use of Ativan, a mild tranquilizer, be appropriate in this case?

2012-08-13 @ 01:19:12


For transsexuals, do they go by their biological (born) genders or the gender they are living as?

2012-08-12 @ 17:55:13

David from New Hampshire

What are your thoughts on the RA material? Do you believe that certain beings came to Earth from the 6th dimension and call themselves wanderers? If so, do higher dimensional beings need to ascend again, since they've already ascended at least once before in order to get to the 6th dimension? Will they simply return home to 6D? If so, how?

2012-08-12 @ 12:11:36


Hello Drunvalo!
Thank you so much for your work I┬┤m so glad I found it!
My questions to you,Is it too late to start meditating now for someone who has never meditated before. Is there any idea to take the course Awakening The Illuminated Heart?
Do I have a chance to start my Merkaba before it all happened?
Frankly is it all to late for me?/Therese

2012-08-12 @ 08:41:38


Dear Drunvalo,

are you saying that suffering is truly coming to an end? FOR ALL???!! I have long thought that this reality was some kind of mistake and should be ended because the end (growth and expansion) does not (in my opinion) justify the means (incredible, prolonged suffering en mass). Is the experiment 'over' so to speak??! Much Gratitide!!

2012-08-12 @ 08:35:43


Dear Drunvalo, you say 'don't worry!' but how can everyone (incl. ALL BEINGS!) be free of reincarnating into this polarity-reality (hell-realm as I see it) during this 'window' without attending your workshops and learning heart-merkaba?! Or will it just take a lot longer?! Much love!! Thankyou for all yours...,

(still worried!) Hannah :)

2012-08-12 @ 01:27:44


There is information from the 2 Russians, Victoria Popova and Lidia Andrianova about coming possible Earth Changes. Do you support their point of view, and, do you support their contention, based on deciphering ET messages from crop circles, that humanity must link together telepathically to ascend together or not at all?

Pamela, Asheville

2012-08-11 @ 14:40:36


Hi drunvalo i wanted to know if it is safe to use becalm balls, D.O.S disc and humicins at the same time ?

2012-08-11 @ 12:30:22


Hi Drunvalo,
I am wondering if you feel that Sedona is one of the best places to be during the upcoming shifts...I live in Ca now and I am feeling the inspiration to move but not sure where.
Sandy Wolk
Ojai CA

2012-08-11 @ 12:01:58


Hi drunvalo i dont know if i enter in my sacred space in the heart becuse when i enter it looks like imagination or daydream its difficult to say how can i tell the difference?what if i enter in my heart daily how long before i feel heart orgasm and my last question is i dont know how to find the bump on the roof of my mouth any tips?

2012-08-11 @ 10:10:01


To the rational mind, I assume the pantheon of Egyptian gods(the ennead) are just archetypes.Just like The Christian mythos is based on astrotheology;not on real life characters.The ascension process is describing the activation of the kundalini;the rise in consciousness as is journeys through the various chakras. Your insight is appreciated.

2012-08-11 @ 09:57:53

Peggy ness BC Canada

In Q&A #5 you referred to "The Secret" as creating from the mind which is not advisable and you said creating from the heart is the way.Could you please elaborate on the process of creating from the heart. Thank you so much for all you do and share.

sorry don't have video capability

2012-08-11 @ 05:55:22

Yasser ayub

Hello Drunvalo you said in your video that we would go to the speed of ligth in evolution of counsciosness but that is hard to belive people this days dont care about spirituality only drinking and drugs how can you be so certain of it?how can you be so sure? its realy hard to belive becuse in our day to day lifes its all the same.

2012-08-11 @ 04:54:48


Hi Drunvalo do you know a meditation that we can use so we can meet our angels ?

2012-08-10 @ 07:31:42


Hi Drunvalo i want to know , imagine if someone under 18 years old attend 2 of your awakening the iluminated heart workshop read all 3 books and practise the meditation require can the person become the Awakening The Illuminated Heart Teacher? or the person has to be at least 18?

2012-08-10 @ 07:25:44


Hi drunvalo i got problems in studying for exams in school and it is giving me lot of strees i cant stop to worry and it give me some pain, can i use my merkaba on it so it can give me a boost so i can finaly relax and not worry about anymore and have time to meditate and more.. im afraid becuse im worry about my ego so i need your help if i can?

2012-08-10 @ 00:47:01


Jane S.,USA

When the 3rd dimension Earth "ceases to exist," what happens to all our 3rd dimension possessions? Our home, clothing, desk, papers, pots and pans, car, nutritional supplements, etc. Do they also just "cease to exist," and completely disappear??

2012-08-09 @ 23:31:28

Avril, Canada

Recently, I have experienced a transition, which changed and revealed everything I know in life...
Since then, I have encountered: asceneded masters, higherself translations, shapeshifting, telepathy, time travel, even physical sensations of soildified energy pulling out of my forehead traveling into the future..
Will you please explain this to me?

2012-08-09 @ 08:23:31

Yasser ayub

Hi Drunvalo in your video on how food affect our spirituality you said when you became a vegetarian it took years to figure out what is the meaning to be vegetarian so can you explain more? my opinion is that vegetarians dont eat meat becuse they feel bad of people taking life of animals for our own porpuse is that it?

2012-08-09 @ 07:55:20



Your thoughts on the different kinds of love mentioned in the Bible? Is it possible to develop the same kind of love i have for my daughter towards others, such as distant family, friends, or even my wife?

San Diego

2012-08-09 @ 05:32:17


Gary in Redwood City CA
The feminine way to the heart spontaneously generates a merkaba intuitively. Does this happen to people when they are in the magic moments of their life? Can the merkaba only be used in an uplifted or light oriented consciousness? Can a group meditation usher in UFO disclosure globally? Will Gaia stop supporting free will?


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