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2012-08-04 @ 13:59:53


i have 3 questions in the video.
first is, do we lose our memory's during ascension?

second is, how do we know if our merkaba is activated?

and third is if your a frequent cigarette smoker will that effect my merkaba

2012-08-04 @ 11:28:46


Hello Drunvalo,
I have a question about surrogate merkabas. I have been playing with these and am amazed on how effective they seem. Since I have been doing the meditations to get into the sacred spaces of the heart I have found them to be even stronger. My question is do I need to redo my personal merkaba each time I create a surrogate?

2012-08-04 @ 05:43:22


Hi its me again i wanted to know if you renember how to open your eyes in the heart ? and if yes how long did it take you? juts curiosity :)

2012-08-04 @ 05:33:50


Sahil Grewal, India
i dont have any question just an advice
u r taking money for school or remembering but dont forget money wont buy them inner peace and that is needed for the activation of markaba
change the style so that it could become available to everyone and everyone could have peace and love in another world
thank u
let the world be happy

2012-08-04 @ 05:30:43


there is a book called ''our ultimate reality'' and it says that fairy tail beeings are real say that people when came up with this ideas they had vision of beeings in the astral realm so i wanted to know your opinion about this

2012-08-04 @ 04:47:55

Yasser ayub

Can we 3rd dimensional beeings able to do interdimensional love ? and were can we learn interdimensional love? or its impposible or now?

2012-08-04 @ 04:42:13


I have another question:
I cant balence my left brain with my rigth brain when i was reading the flower of life books i coudnt understand the geometric parts, the left brain parts , i dont know way is this becuse im still young and im in 9 grade so i dont have much understanding about the mathematics and the geometry parts ?

2012-08-04 @ 04:36:08


Hi it is me again i have another question:
Can you tell me some foods that are rich in humic folvic acid that i can buy in stores . (exept humicins)

2012-08-04 @ 04:32:00


Hi drunvalo i have this question: by living in our heart we can renember our past lives rigth !? so can we renember our past lives when we were higher dimensional beeings before the fall of atlantis becuse we enter in void and our memory was gone for ever? or stayed in our subconscios mind?

2012-08-04 @ 04:25:00


When we go in our hearts we can communicate with animals that i know but can we communicate with crystals? you said you can communicate with them but by living in the heart? or you need athor type of technique to communicate with them or simply go in your heart and you will renember!?

2012-08-03 @ 13:32:41

Daniel Raffanello

Phoenix AZ Greetings my question small note previous workshops etc. concept of higher self was discussed but why no info about the soul process? based on spiritual initiations and example of info would be clearing physical,emotional, mental also 3 aspects of primary cosmic rays"thought,spirit,energy are the first 3 cosmic rays as primary make human

2012-08-03 @ 05:59:12

Philip Aswind van der Zee

How to know when you are save?

2012-08-03 @ 03:26:37

Richard Bonet

Richard New York, New York..

I love you for bringing me light to my life. I truly warms my heart every time I hear you speak truths.

I been having the number 666 follow me often. Does that mean anything? Or do I make the meaning of it?

2012-08-03 @ 01:54:34


Hi drunvalo i want to know your opinion about tai chi and qi kong if i practise it (the movments the breathing) will it help me on my evolution?
many cientists are proving that chi is a scam so i am realy not confortable now, that is way i need to know your opinion about all of this.

2012-08-02 @ 13:54:21



Hi Drunvalo

My question is about sending energy to certain places. I've heard you mention Hart-Math and the heart coherence, they teach. The Buddhist also do a meeta practice where on sends energy to different people. What is you view on this. I feel that getting into my heart is the most beifet I can. (Run out of spac

2012-08-02 @ 09:16:45

Gabriela from Florida

This question is from
Gabriela in Florida

Dear Drunvalo:

Do we need to consciously visualize the 10th or 12th overtone of the 4th dimension at the time of death or ascension, in order to MAKE SURE we end up there? Is there any chance we can end up somewhere else than the 10th, 11th or 12th overtone of the 4th dimension and get lost?

Thank you.

2012-08-02 @ 08:41:38

Gabriela from Florida

Important question for all mothers to know:

How will I know when EXACTLY to leave this 3rd dimension through my Merkaba, so I don't leave EITHER TOO SOON, leaving here those, whose lives depend on me, NOR TOO LATE, ending up not having enough time to die consciously and if I leave too soon, can I come back from the 4th dimension to feed my kids?

2012-08-02 @ 07:27:27

Jan Karlsson

Hello Drunvalo. During a meditation/relaxation session, a very high pitched tone manifested with one beep on the right side, one beep on the left side and one beep in the middle, followed by a brilliant white pentagonal star landing in my forehead. What is the relevance of this sound and symbol?Is there any connection this sound/symbol and Mercaba?

2012-08-02 @ 00:03:42


How can I manifest my intentions from the heart? You had mentioned that manifesting from the brain results in getting what you desire but also getting the opposite of what you desire. You said that we should manifest from the heart so we dont get the undesireable opposite. Please explain how to do this.

2012-08-01 @ 21:51:49

Commander Jeff


Is Dark Energy and Dark Matter the void from where the Flower of Life came from, and is gravity the fluidity of light?


2012-08-01 @ 20:52:40

Richard Dulac

help me. Richard Dulac Bloomington mn...

2012-08-01 @ 17:03:56

Eva Svobodova

Eva Svobodova, Hawaii

Aloha Drunvalo,
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can you please say something about the Planet X ( Nibiru) and it 's relevance to the poleshift?

2012-08-01 @ 15:59:12

brooke bennett

Brooke, California - I am watching the Earth, Sky, Heart dvds and when I was doing the tiny space of the heart meditation, the Mamos seemed to come into my tiny space and talk to me. I'm wondering if this is something that happens to others or if it is my imagination!

2012-07-31 @ 19:14:34

chris fitzpatrick

I'm reading your books and intend on finishing all of them including your upcoming book.I feel in my heart of hearts that there is more truth and meaning in your teachings than anything I've ever been taught or read about.I want to sincerely thank you for all your doing.my question is where can I learn more once I finish the books any schools?

2012-07-31 @ 13:58:10



In the past, you mentioned that people have 2 emotional bodies that effect our inability to process our emotions & block us from entering or staying in the heart. Where are they and what is the function of each emotional body? Also, please have a woman explain how to enter the heart in the feminine way. Thanks. :)

-Sandra, California


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