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2012-07-31 @ 07:49:14

Kine Rosenvinge

I'd love to hear more about which foods fit together so that your body can get the food that is most appropriate. Is there also someone you can recommend to tense the body of toxins in the body?

In great Gratitude and
with much Love from
Kine Rosenvinge

2012-07-31 @ 07:21:56


Udi, Israel.
Hi Drunvalo,
First, thank you for your loving efforts and commitment for providing answers to us.
In your book "Flower of life" vol.1, you speak of the need for one basic ingridiant for succeding in internal growth and remembering-"Divine Love". basic but not that obvious..
Can you pls extend your feel about it?
Thank You!
Warm wishes

2012-07-31 @ 04:48:43


Dana-Raluca from Romania
Buna Drunvalo can you tell us more about your vision for the 4th option to problem Earth? You tell us that is ascension (12), resurection (11) and dearh (10) and is another one...

2012-07-30 @ 18:29:56

Alicia, Australia

Have attended Earth/Sky/Heart Workshop w/you. Been practicing but still unable to find the sacred, tiny space of the heart. Now you've come up with another new w'shop, Awakening the Illuminated Heart. Apparently it's a almost similar w'shop but in reverse sequence. You mean we need to attend another w'shop w/you again to get it right this time???

2012-07-30 @ 13:58:39


Hello,this is me,HUR from Antalya Turkiye(turkey).did you know about the KNOWLEDGE BOOK?i read many info about 2012 off course and realy waht will happen?when will be the first contact team come to the planet?and realy i want a big cleaning in humanity,for good people.and why the system still continue to lie to humanity.where is REALTY...

2012-07-30 @ 13:31:16


Time is dwindling and Im entwining with the Sun and Earth simultaneously. Also, my mind has been flying into multiple dimensions and acquiring knowledge subconsciously. Im literally not living on earth anymore and when I do come back- the saddness I feel from the souls almost crushes me. Any recommendations to better control this?

2012-07-30 @ 11:51:09

Lilje Norway

1.Is it true that we should not ground our self to the earth as she is in a troblesome asencian and should be speard for our unstable energies. I have learnd to ground my self in the vastness of my spirit. Is that a right thing to do?

2. If ailiens appear at the olympics in london...do you feel these are good ones?

Thank you so much <3

2012-07-30 @ 10:15:46

Richard, Sedona, Arizona

Drunvalo, you have explained that all other life forms will follow us to the fourth dimension, so we know all the animals will be there with us. One of the things that makes life on Earth in this dimension so painful is all the creatures that have to eat each other to live. You said we do not eat on the fourth dimension. Will animals eat?

2012-07-30 @ 09:27:27


Kaloyan, Bulgaria

What will happen to those who are not ready to ascend and infact do not do it?

And what if i don't feel that I am ready for the change. What should I do?

2012-07-29 @ 21:28:48

Tkiva Sovatta, US

I witnessed two spheres flying thru the sky in the late afternoon... Could those have been the nuclear-disarming ufos/vessels you referred to in a video... or could those have been merkaba?

2012-07-29 @ 17:37:44

michael diamond

if all of life is going to participate in this shift of consciousness,why do we stay with our practises
does my participation matter in the collective outcome Is this habbit or of benefit
we never stopped being god as it was in the begining is and ever shall be ????

2012-07-29 @ 16:49:22


Dana-Raluca from Romania
Hi Drunvalo, can you tell something about the long blue cristal and the infinit space that is around this structure? We have all the same inside of us? Is this the space inside our heart? This is the tiny one? :))
I know this becouse of a dream that I have many years ago.
Thank you

2012-07-29 @ 12:01:33


hi Drunvalo. kate again. my next question: did we incarnate like we do now, before Atlantian tragedy? and next: if memories from atlantis are wiped up from us, and i think it's so, what are my visions, "knowing", feeling from atlantian mystery scool "stone gate". haw i know it's real or just my imagination. they are soo real to me

2012-07-28 @ 17:59:59

Richard Ball

I was wondering, first of all, if the prana breathing tubes are related to what the yogis speak of when they talk about the astral spine. Secondly, I was wondering what the difference is between Om and prana - is prana the manifestation of Om, or are they different energies?



2012-07-28 @ 15:03:39

Lyz Starwalker

Lyz Starwalker, Phoenix-AZ. In 2007 I wake up in the morning in this body. For 10 days I could see the geometrical forms of everything at first glance, my family was strangers to me. Took 3 months to fully remember the personality that Lyz is. I had to force to be in the personality in order to survive. What has happened? I need your help. Thanks

2012-07-28 @ 12:27:55


Dear Drunvalo... Words have passed between us much, but never before in this 1 and 0 format. My question is 55: Does thought need to be created for Order to exist? See TheEvilLight@blogspot.com. Be prepared for the unexpected...- Sphynx

2012-07-28 @ 11:34:17


Hi Drunvalo, I hope you are well. I am currently reading volume 2 of the flower of life. I just wanted to hear your views on the hollow earth theory and the validity of channelled information. thank you x

2012-07-28 @ 02:47:45

Jo-Ann Serena Athena

Jo-Ann from Belgium, living in Austria
Dear Drunvalo! I have seen myself in the future. I was choosen to try out a new form of a merkivah with 20 star-points. Ashtar was guiding me in my new vehicle and he showed me how the earth was glowing like a ball of fire. Isn't it that the ATIH (I've done in Germany) has further extensions in this knowledge?

2012-07-28 @ 01:11:38

Alicia, Australia

Dear Drunvalo,you mentioned that each human needs to complete 8 cycles of life-times on Earth (rotation of 4 females/4 males, alternately, of the human star tetrahedron) to be deemed fully human. New Age books stress that we have hundreds of lifetimes here. So, does that mean that we always start another new 8 cycles of the s.t. each time? Thanks!

2012-07-28 @ 00:53:52

HansPeter Spindler

Dear Drunvalo
MARIA MAGDALENA, according to her MANUSCRIPT, channeled by Tom Kenyon, was married with JESUS and they had a child. After the resurrection of CHRIST she went with her daughter SARAH, via Southern France, to her Druidan Exile in Glastonbury.
What is your opinion about all that?
From Heart to heart, HansPeter from Switzerland

2012-07-27 @ 21:55:11

Alex from Romania

Hi Drunvalo,

I want to know your opinion about reiki, i heard that it is benefical, but demonical.

God bless you!

2012-07-27 @ 21:11:30

Brian Scott

Drunvalo, What can you tell us about contacting and communicating with our own personal spirit guides? How do we do this? and when is an ideal time to do so?

2012-07-27 @ 21:05:35

Terra Oziel

Hey, first of all, Great job! I love your work Drunvalo. My question is should we care to much about what we do in the meantime between now and ascension? Say, would we benefit from a whole lot of spiritual practice? or is watching movies, and going forth as if the changes occurring will be ever so slight as the time goes by do just as well?

2012-07-27 @ 03:33:52

Jo-Ann Serena Athena

Jo-Ann Serena Athena from Austria
Dear Drunvalo,
As the Energy that comes from the galactic centre is moving fast towards our sun. Is it true that the moment it hits the sun, the sun will turn into a red giant (over a period of 3 months time starting on the 23rd of December) and that this power will transform the earth into a star?
love you dearly

2012-07-27 @ 03:33:15


Hi Drunvalo!

Please tell me what is your opinion about the reiki system. Some people say that it is from God, and others say that is a demonic practice.

Love and peace from Suceava, Romania!


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