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2012-07-17 @ 15:22:44

joshua dharma


first thank you SO much for making these videos available.

1) please give a update on latest news on the mayan crystal skull ceremony. do they now have full memory of their history?
2) when is the book from the mayans coming out?
3) what is the latest news on plasma beings? any interviews?

thank you

2012-07-17 @ 05:58:01


Nameste Drunvalo
I would like your advise please as I have discovered there will be a Flower of Life Workshop in my area (Dubai,UAE) but due to its cost am looking for alternatives and I see your DVD Flower of Life workshop – may I ask if it’s better to do the workshop in person or shall I get the same benefits from the the dvd.
In love & light

2012-07-17 @ 03:21:45


hi drnvalo, it i Kate again. next quastion: if Atlantis is wiped up from ouer memory, and i think, this is so.haw do i know my feelings, visions, "knowing" from atlantian mystery scool just before catasthrophic events and the catastrophe itself, are real or my imaginations? and doas 44 means anything in or for Atlantis?
thank you and we love you.

2012-07-17 @ 02:57:29

Arve Gjevestad

Dear brother Drunvalo. After i have heard all five Q&A i had and meditasion and this meditasion it show up one picture of my merkaba like and cannon wapon and in picture all was into water . Q why is merkaba send into water.

2012-07-17 @ 00:14:04


Heart driven merkaba
While we have already a number of wonderful scientists and spiritual teachers won for our congress "Gathering Dawn of New age 2012 - our reality" - BUT there is still the gap concerning the knowledge of a functioning heart driven Merkaba.
Will you come?

2012-07-16 @ 22:49:34


stephanie, WI. If everyone is connected through the one spirit, then wouldnt it be true that if one person was able to reach the higher dimensions during this shift, that everyone, everything would also follow suit?

2012-07-16 @ 22:28:51

stephanie koenig

Stephanie Koenig, Wisconsin. How do we get rid of past trauma permanently? I feel great when I am in meditation or dreaming but when I come out of meditation, my pain and loss is still remembered deeply and I cannot seem to shake it. I can feel it blocking my heart and I wish I could erase my memmories so I can feel better. Thankyou, Love Stephi.

2012-07-16 @ 20:41:42

sandra luiza stocco

sandra luiza stocco from Brazil:

Dear Drunvalo:

I have one question: Where is circle white house that belong in the past to Ay and Tya in Egypt, next Saqquara?


2012-07-16 @ 14:40:36

Sheryl Firkus

How will the physical pole shift effect the Inner Cities and their people and also how will it effect the Ascended Masters Retreats. Will they be leaving the Earth??

2012-07-16 @ 14:07:45

Andre Heins

São Paulo, Brazil

Hello Dru
I was thinking: natural vortex spins counter-clockwise on North Hemisphere and clockwise on South.
So the MerKaBa Torus at 34/21, 34 counterclock North pulls NRG "head to toe"
But in South, the 34 spinning counterclock would make a "toe to head" NRG pull

Could this be important to consider while activating?!
Thank you!

2012-07-16 @ 14:02:31

Florian from FRANCE

According to you and Mayan elders, the big shift probably will not occur in december 2012.
Different speakers (like Jim Self) say that december will be a pivotal time and there will be a greater awakening and portals opening. They say that what you think from 12-12-12 will manifest really fast. What do you think ?

PS: You rock my world !

2012-07-16 @ 13:09:27


End of the mayan calander means end of this world the third dimesion rigth So is it possible will not acsend to the 4d in 2012 ?? or it is 100% we will go in this time of year?will we have 2013 in this 3rd dimesion or 2012 is our final year in the 3rd dimension?

2012-07-16 @ 13:08:09


I dont know if this is a childish question or its just silly but dont blame me i realy want to know this and how school and universities and jobs affect our conscioness evolution ?

2012-07-16 @ 13:07:41


Hi My name is Antonio Santos im 15 years old im from mozambique and i have a couple of questions :)

I saw in television there are people with artificial hearts ( fake hearts)is it true?! and how will this affect the person evolution with no phisical heart ?

2012-07-16 @ 11:16:49

Paty Galindo

Mexico,wouldn't we be more useful if we stay in a permanent state of happiness and harmony rather than being scared or worried? Shouldn't we trust God that everything is going to be ok as long as we stay in a high state, even if we haven't figured out how to move Merkaba fields, which by the way work better once you reach a high level of happiness

2012-07-16 @ 11:08:08

Paty Galindo

Mexico, Hello Dru I just wanted to say next August 24th 2012 in Guadalajara Mexico, a special event is happening, we are to heal the Earth and help her before the change, several people from all over the Universe and also from all over the world are coming, we will be pleased to count you in, The Earth needs us.

2012-07-16 @ 10:36:09


hi Drunvalo.my name is Kate,from Georgia(now living in NJ) as I understand,all thing of universe,all kind of conscious comes from one divine source,my next question is:is Melchizedek conscious source of just humanoid rase of universe(or only earths humans)or it can be source of not humanoid living creatures also?!

2012-07-16 @ 10:29:40

Sheryl Firkus

Concerning the Merkaba - I have been taught to ask the Ascended Masters to create things that I want. Like Electronic Circle, Tube of Light and different protections. Can the Merkaba be created by calling to the Mighty I Am Presence above me and asking the Ascended Masters and my Presence to create it perfect as they see it??

2012-07-16 @ 10:25:04

Sheryl Firkus

I was wanting to know if you knew anything about Noah's Ark - I briefly heard in an Ascended Master dictation that it was a Space craft. but the Ascended Master did not go in to any detail. He just said that the human belief of a Wooden boat was wrong.

2012-07-16 @ 10:19:51

Sheryl Firkus

Good Day: I listened to your radio talk on Red Ice Radio you mentioned you were a walk in. You said that you were born in 1941 but did not enter your present body till 1972 - what happened to your body that you were born in 1941?? Please explain process more detailed. I know of one other person who is a walkin and he is teaching like you.

2012-07-16 @ 10:01:56

Francisco Oropeza

Francisco Oropeza, Mexico City.
Hello Drunvalo,
thank you for all the information you give to the world!. I just activated my natural Merkabha and I would like to have tips on how to keep it or how to feed it. Also how to program it.

thank you!

2012-07-16 @ 09:17:39

Ann Ramirez

Dear Drunvalo:
First, I thank you for all you have done for Humanity. You continue to push forward making yourself available to educate on the events coming even when you have such a full plate already. These videos are excellent and really help. My question is "what is a Mer-ka-ba and how do we know if we have one?" God bless you and your family

2012-07-16 @ 04:57:52


Florian from FRANCE

You talked about the importance of healing emotional traumas for being able to ascend and that the higher states of consciousness aren't available for somebody who hasn't heal past wounds.
How does one knows if it is necessary for him or her to concentrate on healing and how
to do that most efficiently ?


2012-07-16 @ 04:22:52

Alexandre Domingues

Alexandre Domingues, Portugal
Mister Drunvalo,
One day i felt asleep and saw myself trying to astral-project, when one voice said to me to come back and other said to go with the flow and my body was acting really strange. When i woke up, something told me that i needed a special training.
What kind of training was "i" talking?

With honor

2012-07-16 @ 00:45:34


I am located on the Oregon/California border. My question is what is the difference between the crystal kids, indigo and super psychic children. My son is an indigo and 20 years old. But the children being born now are incredible. How does a parent know what they are dealing with and how best to guide these kids. Any tips?
Thank you


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