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2012-07-01 @ 21:23:20

Pamela Blake

Dear Drunvalo, Thanks for being there and doing this wonderful service. I took the first workshop that you gave with the tiny space of the heart after many years of practicing the old merkaba meditation. It was wonderful and I am confident that I did "do" the beams of light and the halo and the tiny space along with the merkaba. My question is... I thought that once you got "there" that you could go directly in on command from now on. That you could just think it. And that you should never come out again. Especially the beams of light coming out of your head and the halo circle around that they stayed once they were turned on? My question is.. should I be doing something more that meditating and visulizing it? Am I suppose to do something every day? Of course I really don't know if I am really there or not. I assume that I am. What do I do daily? How do I really know that I am doing it right? Thanks so much Pam Blake, Pleasanton. CA PS thanks so much for sitting near me at the Mamos I just love your energy. I learned so much just being there. I also felt alot coming from the mamos was very nice. And I decided to keep all my crystals I would be so lonely without them. :)

2012-07-01 @ 16:17:36

Marya Gendron

I'd like to understand the role that memory plays in the current shift. Your site is called the school of remembering. I have gratitude for all of the crucial information that has been forgotten which you are helping us to remember. One thing that I have noticed in my spiritual path is that the truly magnificent insights I have had in the dream time and in meditation are hard to pin down (remember). They leave an imprint or tone but the content is often hard for the conceptual mind to grasp. The sense that I get is that when I am in a highly attuned state, steeped in "primary knowing", and flowing in the present, my mind is less apt to over interpreting experience based off of past memory, and this porousness or aeration in this state is less likely to turn into a solid memory because the attention is placed on experience rather than building a conceptual navigation system based off past experience. This part of my mind is asking "what else?", not "how can I use this information to create another model based off past experience." I feel part of the problem with humanity is that we are encountering the present through outdated models of the past which are too rigid, and in this case our memory of what happened may not be totally applicable or useful to shifts that are happening now. I can see that being able to retrieve memories and access events that had been forgotten could provide a potential of clearing them from the field, but as you point out in some of your videos, sometimes this is not enough and other help may be needed. I'd love to hear any further insight you have into memory, especially the electromagnetic nature of memory and how we can heal through remembering.

2012-06-30 @ 21:20:08

judy greenwell

Drunvalo, with Resurrection/Ascension, you indicate we'll maintain our human body. Could you describe how our 4D body will differ from our 3D body.

Many thanks,

2012-06-30 @ 17:57:24


Hi Drunvalo!

First of all thank You for helping humanity go on a new level. You gave me almost all the answers I was looking for. And the rest I must do for myself...

My question is about universal law of cause and effect that comes out of brain. If I understood it right - everything good that you do must become equally bad somewhere on the road. And the only way to bypass that law is to act or create from the heart? I am bioenergy healer and I have helped many people. Have I done equal amount of bad things (that I'm not aware of - yet!) as a result of that law? If that is correct then I just hope I did it from the heart...

Much light and love!!!

Christian Čulig
St. Slatina 131
Oroslavje 49243

2012-06-30 @ 07:32:51

Christian Philippe Guay

Are there any physical side-effects that can be feel during the activation of the Merkaba such as neurons firing up in the brain, the presence clear presence of the cerebrospinal fluid pumping, the creation of a vortex that starts from above the head and goes down in the thalamus area of the brain and seems to absorb prana as if it was another way to breathe or even the obvious production of hormones that would put the person in a state of orgasm for over 30 minutes and a state of pure bliss?

So, is there a relation between those side-effects and the Merkaba?

2012-06-30 @ 07:22:35

Christian Philippe Guay

This is a quote from an interview with Drunvalo:
''That based on e= mc (squared), that consciousness and energy are the same thing, and that matter, of course, is consciousness also. That matter is a mirror and reflects consciousness, and that the creator of the images of the outer world has cameras, he says, that are located in the blind spots of the eyes''

I was wondering if you knew more about the blind spots behind the eyes and those cameras. I once attempted to get beyond the state of the observer and at some point my vision became a big widescreen and when I realized everything was black around it I started to move backward (it is as if I was looking at a TV screen) as if I was moving in the tunnel of a camera. While doing this and moving backward with my mind in that strange world located behind the eyes, an incredible amount of information was thrown at me and the only thing I could understand and conclude was that what I was looking at everyday just wasn't really there. Then it threw me back to my screen, my vision, and returned to my normal state of consciousness.

Does anyone else know about that place located behind the eyes or that state of mind? I couldn't find any information about it anywhere. Would you know if it has to do with the cameras located in the blind spot of the eyes?

2012-06-30 @ 01:08:46

Jan Rose

Dear Drunvala

First of all let me say what wonderful work you are doing in preparing as many people as possible for the forthcoming Ascension.

I had already purchased your Vol 1 and Vol 2 Flower of Life books and am awaiting their arrival here in South Australia.

A lot of what you have written had been channelled to me in the last couple of years and so I believe absolutely in your experience.

My question may not seem important but to me it is - when the change occurs in December 2012, I am wondering if I will be re-united with my little Cavalier KC spaniel Jasmine who passed in March this year and will my other two pet dogs who are still living, Cherry and Lily be with me after Ascension?


2012-06-29 @ 23:25:26


Dear Drunvalo,

I've just viewed all five of your Q&A videos and the single recent audio--thank you so much! I have a bunch of questions.

1. You said there is information and other factors that are way more important than the merkaba. What information and other factors?

2. When you say we have to bring our body with us when we die, do you mean the physical body or the image of the physical body? If "just" the image of the physical body, does this mean simply visualizing it, or something else?

3. If I die and don't take my body with me, and then go to a different frequency than those who ascend or resurrect, what is life like there? How long does that last before I go to a higher frequency? Is going to a higher frequency assured? Is there still duality?

4. You say we're going to a higher level of existence, but if, at the moment of death, I don't remember or know how to breathe and don't remember my merkaba or all the various aspects of how to ascend, can I simply intend to ascend and/or to be in the right place at the right time and not worry about "technicalities"?

5. In one Q&A you said that to get into the fourth dimension you have to die consciously because that creates (or activates?) your merkaba and you bring your physical body with you, but if you die unconsciously and don't bring your physical body with you, you reincarnate, get another physical body and get a chance to do it again.
In a later Q&A you said that most people will die unconsciously and go to the tenth overtone of the fourth dimension and will be taught how to recreate their body.
So in the first scenario does this mean we reincarnate in 3D and live another life on an Earth that seems pretty much the same Earth we're living on now?
And in the second scenario, does this mean we are taught how to recreate our body while we're in the tenth overtone of the fourth dimension and then stay in the fourth dimension?

6. You say: "Once Mother Earth reaches the fourth dimension she will almost for certain change her tetrahedronal merkaba to a different one to match the consciousness that she will then be on, and you as her child will naturally change your merkaba to whatever she is using and you will not even have to think about it. It will happen as naturally as breathing."
Will this happen in our current lifetime or after we've transitioned/died?
If this is just going to happen naturally, then what is the importance of learning about the merkaba and the spaces of the heart?

7. You said: "You must know the creation process if you are able to survive in the fourth dimension.... If fear raises its head, without realizing it you begin to create a world of fear and very soon you will create something that will force you to die in that world, and you will be returned to this Earth on the third dimension.... So in order to remain in this higher consciousness level of consciousness, you need to know that you are creating everything you see and you need to know exactly how the creation process works so that you can apply it in this situation."
What does the creation process consist of?
Will we naturally move into the tiny space of our heart when we move into the fouth dimension?
Is Mother Earth still going to exist on the 3D level after she ascends?
If someone returns to the 3D level, what happens to them and what
might life be like for them? Will they possibly have many more lives at the 3D level?

Thank you so much.

Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

2012-06-29 @ 20:01:01


People from all over the world, including myself, have had objects disappear and then reappear hours, days, or even months later. The objects sometimes reappear in the same place, but not always. People are experiencing unexplainable episodes of missing time not seemingly related to UFO abductions. Also, people are seeing strange geometric shapes, some during dreams and some while awake. Are the aforementioned phenomenon related to the ascension of Mother Earth? Please explain. Thank you!

2012-06-29 @ 06:02:47


Dear Drunvalo, Are there any relevant sites in Australia that need activating, or are of any particular significance with the Pole shift/2012 etc...? Also, do you think you may be visiting australia anytime in the near future? , & have you seen any of Pane Andov,s videos on what he predicts for australia ( aswell as other places) , & if so, what do youthink of them ? Regards, Nicole S

2012-06-29 @ 00:44:39


Hello Drunvalo, many thaks for sharing all the knowledge with us. My question is: Can or do The Hators with all their love help us clean the emotional turmoil? Thank you for your answer, love, D.

2012-06-28 @ 22:26:31


Hi James:

First of all thank you so much for sharing these truths with us, they really shed a lot of light and help us remember.
I have some question and I hope you can answer them for me if you find the time.
I have been feeling weird physical sensations like heart spasms, pressure near chest, shortness of breath as if my body wants more oxygen, especially when I'm feeling stressed. I have gotten checked and everything seems to be fine physically but I can still feel these strange emotions and sensations.
Could these be symptoms of the body ascending into higher dimensions? Why can I feel it more than other people? What can I do to make this shift more pleasant and bearable?

Thank you very much and much love to you

2012-06-28 @ 17:09:07

Sheryl Firkus

Good Day: My questions:
Will the people who live in the center of the Earth and the Inner cities be making the Ascension also ???

And will the Ascended Masters Retreats thru out the world be vacated???

Where do the animals go when they Ascend????

2012-06-28 @ 16:00:53


when you can feel the light tubes and the 3rd eye and the prana tube, does that mean your ready to ascend.? is this something that one is suppose to feel every moment ? i am choosing ascention but am worried about my halo being intact all the time. thankyou very much for your help. sincerly caren d.

2012-06-28 @ 13:26:12

Thomas MAgnago

Hello Drunvalo,
you changed my life in many ways and I sent you all my blessings and thank you for being here :-)
After months of almost daily Merkaba meditations my senses are still not open enough to tell me if my Merkaba field is activated or not. How can I be sure and know that my Merkaba is active?
Secondly, many channelings speak about technology which will be gifted very soon, but if the dimensional jump comes all technology and artificial materials will fall into oblivion. Does this mean that the technology will be gifted after the dimensional jumb or why should we have it only for a couple of days before?
From the heart and in love

2012-06-28 @ 05:44:13

Rob in Kimberley, BC

Hi Drunvalo,
I have a question about programming the new MerKaBa. When and how is it done compared to the old way during the 14th breath?
Thanks so much.
Lots of Love,

2012-06-27 @ 21:00:09


Question on the video, about spirit guides.

2012-06-27 @ 19:50:39

isaac k

on one of your videos you had said that the dolphins are some of the earliest e.t's on our beloved earth , how did they get to our system from where they were originally ? do they also have a working merkabah ?

and what are your takes on the urantia book ???

2012-06-27 @ 19:19:23


Hey Drunvalo,
I have 2 questions.

First question: With Dec 21 2012 fast approaching, would it be approriate for me to seek Merkba activation or ascensions so late? I'm not really one to cram haha. But it'd be nice to gain affrimation for my own actions.

Second question: I had purchased a large clear quartz crystal from a metaphysical store a few months back and just this month i noticed some new pieces attached to my clear quartz crystal, as though it grew and the largest piece that grew has a sort of rainbowish tinge to it (similar coloration to looking at an oil-spil reflecting sunlight); What does this mean?

Thank you for everything!

2012-06-27 @ 15:28:05

ana floreani

Will I remember my life here on earth when we make the ascension? When we are all in the 4th dimension will I reconnect with my family and friends there easily? Will I "remember" everything all at once when the serious changes take place?

2012-06-27 @ 14:29:17


It makes alot of sense that the world needs a shift, part of me feels ‘the sooner the better’. On the other hand, it feels like we are about to fail in this dimension of polarity & physical matter. That is if we just shift into another dimension & don’t sort out the mess we have created on Earth? A consciousness shift into the heart would surely enable us, in balance with our intellect, to re-create in this world or dimension, compassion, love, community, sharing, positive relationship with nature, bliss, happiness & peace.

It seems that a consciousness shift into another dimension is a sudden end that we have not earned yet. There is a hugely increasing awareness to work with Mother Earth rather than against her. I love this planet & the people on it & I would love us to be able to continue this movement, including a shift into the heart, so that we can create something beautiful here.
Many thanks & many blessings & love to you.

2012-06-27 @ 12:06:02

Sheryl Firkus

Questions for Youtube show: you spoke of the shift into the 4th dimension. You said we would get new bodies of Light and I heard something about entering the womb. Will those going into the 4th dimension be born again in a baby body and have to grow up again????? I need greater clearifcation on that. Will we have parents????

I see that you are wearing nice colors lately. The Ascended Masters taught me around 17yrs ago about the importance of color on the body and your surroundings to help raise the vibratory action of the body. Do you feel the people need to know about the importance of this. I noticed when I got rid of black, red, browns, grey and went to bright beautiful colors my vibration soared upwards fast. By keeping those negative colors off the body it has kept me protected and disconnected from the lower vibrations.

Also this is a big one. the Ascended Masters taught me the importance to sustain from impure sex desires and to use the channel of sex only to bring a child into the world. Do you feel this needs to be announced.??
Love you Drunvalo keep up the wonderful work - so many have grown in Enlightment with you videos. Sheryl From Houston Tx.

2012-06-27 @ 11:32:10



2012-06-27 @ 09:08:21


Hello Drunvalo,
I want to thank you for your time and work during these times, it is very comforting and inspirational!

In the Flower of Life Volume 2 you talk about the Luciferian reality which we are experiencing, and you also explain how the original reality also exists, and we have a part of that reality with our hearts.

I am wondering if these two realities are actually separated...? I also wonder if this is the same concept as antimatter where there exists a replica of our reality but they can never meet because they would implode. I also was wondering how you view the Fibonacci spiral and the golden mean spiral in relation to these two realities.

Thank you so much! I love you!

2012-06-27 @ 07:31:42


Dear Drunvalo,

I have a crazy question, when everybody ascendes to the fourth dimension is going to be a blink of an eye or will it take days for us to ascend and shoud we be in a meditative state for the whole time until we reach the fourth dimension? And one more question, if people move to the fourth dimension with unresolve problems and then get knock down to the third dimension, will the third dimension still be exactly the same living under the montery empire or would it have change becasue of the mass ascending?

Sorry wrote alot of questions

Thank you so much
-Jonathan from Milwaukee, WI-


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