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James Morrison 
Theodosia MO, China, United States

Phone: 317-590-2537

Upcoming events

AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART® Taiwan, May 24th to 28th 2014

Host by: James  Morrison
May 24-28,2014.  Taiwan

This Remembering-shop comes to us as the result of Drunvalo Melchizedek and his willingness to share[...]


AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART® Tipp City, OH June19 th to 22 nd 2014

Host by: James  Morrison
June 19-22,2014.  Center For Integrative Wellness @ Harmony Farm

This Awakening The Illuminated Heart Remembering-Shop is taking place in The Center for Integrative [...]



As part of his journey, James was guided by his higher self to seek out this teaching and in the process became one of the few certified world-wide teachers in the School of Remembering®, who teach the Awakening The Illuminated Heart® meditation. James received his ATIH teacher certification on March 21, 2012 after finishing the required training set by the School of Remembering® and Drunvalo Melchizedek. He was trained and hand selected by the School of Remembering® Council and Drunvalo Melchizedek. The teacher training is the distillation of Drunvalo’s life work. The Awakening The Illuminated Heart is to assist all of Humanity in their ascension.

James holds a BA in Communication Studies with an Interpersonal Communication emphasis. Orthobionomy, The Reconnection, and Still Point Breathing are among other areas of emotional, physical and spiritual study in which James has received extensive training.

James is from Indiana in the United States of America and now resides in South Central Missouri. He is of native North American Indian (Cherokee) and European descent and has a deep appreciation and connection with our natural world. Everywhere he goes he sees friends in nature and people alike.

I love this quote it is provided by my Friend and fellow ATIH teacher Neshi Lokotz.

“When you speak from your Heart, The Creator speaks through you”, Potawatomi Proverb

As I am being Contemplative:

"When I speak from my Heart, The Creator speaks through me", Potawatomi Proverb (modified)

When in Community and our energies flow as one from our group heart:

"When We speak from our Heart, The Creator speaks through us", Potowatomi Proverb (modified)