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Viola Rose 
Portland (and Travelling All Over The West Coast), United States

Phone: 503-936-4117

Upcoming events

PORTLAND Oregon- Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop

Host by: Viola Rose
July 14-17,2017.  private residence

It is time to open our hearts and to Dream the New Dream together!

Come join us Friday - Monday [...]



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Hello Dear Hearts!
I am so deeply honored to be a part of Drunvalo Melchizedek's School of Remembering® as a certified teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart®. I am here to be in service to Love, Ascension, opening the heart, all things beautiful and to joyfully play whatever part I can in the process of Spiritual Remembering at this amazing and transitional time.
I have facilitated over 50 Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshops in the past 5 years, and this work continues to inspire me deeper into the truth of who I am, every time. I would love to share this deepening with you.
I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and received my degree from the Institute for Integrative nutrition and am also a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, bringing the elements of healthy living, balance, joy and laughter to this work. As a musician and Sound healer, I also facilitate Sound Healing events in Oregon called "Portland Sound Sanctuary".

I am 47 years old, and all my life I have been answering the call to go deeper. I have spent my years pursuing truth, clarity, various spiritual traditions, service, music and performance art, healthy living, Reiki, sound healing, Aromatherapy, and exploring whatever path would bring me to the next level of Heart opening and understanding. Every turn of the road has brought me insights and precious gifts. Upon finding Drunvalo’s work, and becoming an Awakening the Illuminated Heart teacher, all the pieces of the puzzle have gracefully come together. I am in awe and it has been such a blessing in my life. I find that Drunvalo's understandings and teachings are some of the most profound and accessible ways to learn to live fully in our hearts and to connect with the energies of Ascension. Being so deeply aligned with and moved by this work led me to train personally with Drunvalo in February of 2012 and become a teacher of Awakening the Illuminated heart. It was much more of a calling than a choice. I am humbled and ecstatic that I can be in the energetic field of this profound workshop over and over again as my life's work.
I love inspiring and encouraging people who are ready to shift, whether with their health, nutrition, spiritual landscape or into living more fully from the heart. I am motivated by the fact that millions of people are in real pain and experiencing real challenges in their lives. I feel that this work offers a beautiful, profound and yet simple way to truly embody higher understandings.

I will speak a little to my integrity as a facilitator, and my commitments to each workshop attendee:
*To hold an impeccably clean, clear and focused container for the workshop, where every attendee can relax and trust in me to TRULY hold the space, for everyone's benefit.
*That each attendee feels welcome, respected, safe and heard.
*To keep us on track with the material and to offer the teachings in exactly the way Drunvalo presents and intends it.
*I will take the time to make sure everyone understands the information and meditations. You will have all your questions addressed and I will give you plenty of time to take thorough notes.
*I will be available afterwards for your questions and further development. (and add you to a private facebook group only for those who have taken the workshop with me as a place for dialog and community)
*you will be welcome to return again and take the workshop with me anytime in the future for half tuition as many times as you like. (this is great for a "refresher" and for going deeper into the material)

In other words, my strong devotion to this profound work will hold the container safely and sweetly.
You can just relax and REALLY enjoy the experience.

I bring my lively spirit, my joy, my reverence for life and my love for all to this precious work. If you are inspired to experience this heart opening workshop, you are welcome to come to Portland Oregon where I offer the workshop regularly. I also travel to many other locations and will travel anywhere I am invited to share this sacred knowledge and information. It is my souls calling to do so and it would be my honor, privilege and true joy to dream the new dream with you.

Along with all the testimonials here on this website, there are also more on my personal website from people who have taken the workshop with me - http://dreamthenewdream.blogspot.com/p/testimonials.html

Below is an interview where Kim Thompson from "Spirit Primer" asks me about living in the heart and we discuss the profound effects of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart" workshop!