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Awakening The Illuminated Heart


Host by: Linda Te Aroha

Start: March 29 2013
End: April 01 2013
Magpie House, Upwey. Victoria


The essence of Drunvalo Melchizedek's lifelong study and work is presented in this workshop. This is a journey to the Oneness of the Heart; you will receive precise instructions on how to enter the new world – ascension.
The Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop teaches ancient and sacred practices and knowledge in such a way that we are easily able to understand and embody.The ATIH workshop leads us through varying exercises and steps, giving us the tools to shift our consciousness from the multipart brain, where most of us reside, and into the purity and oneness of our hearts.You will rediscover your Sacred Space and the Tiny Space of the Heart. We are now ready to activate our Third Eye and our Merkaba lightbody in a new way, a way that it is permanent and complete, and connected directly to the infinite love and unity within our hearts.
Once these steps are taken life will be forever changed. For further information and to register please email me.

Linda Te Aroha 
New Zealand


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Spirit of Ma'at, LLC