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Come, Live from the Heart, Create from the Heart, Allow our Hearts To Guide & Teach, Remember Who We Are!


Host by: James Morrison

Start: July 31 2012
End: August 04 2012



Come, Live from the Heart, Create from the Heart, Allow our Hearts To Guide & Teach, Remember Who We Are!

This workshop comes to us as the result of Drunvalo Melchizedek and his willingness to share with us his life's accumulation of more than 40 years of knowledge and experience. With love for Humanity and All Life Drunvalo brings us his desire for us to begin our own ascension process.

In this workshop we learn : the Heart and Brain connection, the Sacred Space of the Heart and the Tiny Space of the Heart, the Beams of Light, the Brain gland & Chakra connection, Creating from the Tiny Space of the Heart, Opening of our Mer Ka Ba light body happens effortlessly and easily.

The MerKaBa activates naturally and is automatically permanent upon its activation unlike the previous method, also developed by Drunvalo. The major difference between the two is the “old” way of activating the MerKaBa was a more mental process or male way of activation that is a synthetic field. The Awakening the Illuminated Heart is a more female method to activate the MerKaBa through the heart and is an organic living field. For those who have an activated MerKaBa, Awakening the Illuminated Heart® activation of the MerKaBa field is like an upgrade. All programming held in the old MerKaBa is transferred to the new one which is more stable and permanent upon activation.

By participating in this workshop our very connection to all life will begin to unfold in ways we may have only dreamed or even never known. Our perception and understanding of the world around us becomes noticeably different. Mine continues to unfold more richly than I ever noticed before.

From our Heart we move from duality into unity. Creation, Communicating, and Living from the heart is known throughout our indigenous populations, from the ancient cultures all around the globe, and is now being remembered in modern times.

It is gently suggested to read the first three of Drunvalo’s books: “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”, Volume I and II, and “Living in the Heart” as they give us a foundation of knowledge that will helps us excel in the workshop.

While some of the elements of this workshop may be familiar to some, there is new knowledge being shared in this workshop that is essential for our Mer Ka Ba's to activate naturally and permanently as a result of this new knowledge. A natural and permanent MerKaBa is essential for our ascension process.

Registration fee: $555 Check or Credit (Deposit-$111 due June 20th, Balance $444 due July 10th):
unless you have made other arrangements with James

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James Morrison

James Morrison 
United States

Phone: 317-590-2537

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