A new office and a new studio for Christmas

A small update to let everyone know we are really getting close to moving into our new office space.  The most exciting part about that is the new filming studio at the center of the building.  We are thrilled to welcome 2013 with new tools to connect with all of you.  As things come together we will be sure to post some more pictures.  And of course there will be a good flow of new shows and important material produced in this special place.

In addition to the studio this will be the first time that all our projects and people will be under one roof. As many of you know we have people shipping, writing, talking, planning events, getting ready to travel, working on the SOR, meeting, etc…  All of this is going on both around town at several offices we set up over the years (including in some of our homes) and all over the globe with our friends and teachers by phone, fax, Skype, Chat or whatever it takes.  We can’t wait to be working along side each other in one space where the creativity can flow more easily and the support is solid.  We set up the office with some cool technology as well, so we can do more for the SOR and our global tribe of wonderful people.   In a lot of ways this place is a global communication platform.   Thanks for supporting us over the years; it is your energy that is making this all possible.

That’s Drunvalo standing in front of the new solar panel parking structure.  Those panels will power our entire office.








A shot of the new booth in the studio. The ceiling is set up so lights can be positioned anyway we need them.








In Service,

One Lotus Staff