The Last 90 Degree Turn

“Last 90 Degree Turn”

Announcement: Release scheduled for June 1st.
More Information on this event and registration instructions will be available from the School of Remembering© as it becomes available.

Previously known as “The 18th breath”. “The last 90 degree turn” is the final step to ascension taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek. This critical and important meditation is the follow-up to the powerful Awakening the Illuminated Heart classes offered all over the world by Certified School of Remembering Teachers.

Drunvalo’s guided meditation for ascension will be released to students who register with the new system after June 1st, 2013 at School of Remembering. For students who have taken the ATIH class in the past, registering with the new School website on June 1st will unlock this amazing new video.

Drunvalo’s School of Remembering is where all registered students of his work can find a supportive community of trained teachers and fellow students. Info:





SOR Event and new Teachers/Event Coordinator Requirements update

Dear Friends,

In accordance with some new decisions and adjustment from the School of Remembering Management Team, may this clarify official policy of the SOR relating to China’s and all other official SOR scheduled events, preparatory teachers, students and coordinators.  Please consider this a preview of new policy to published in entirety in the coming weeks as part of the SOR restructuring process.

1. The term “China district” refers to the continent of China including Hong Kong and Macau, temporarily not including Taiwan.  However all the decisions and new policy will apply to the entire SOR community of teachers and event coordinators.

2.  The SOR will soon offer applications submitted for approval to those that want to promote and or coordinate events for certified teachers of the school.  A new event coordinator will make application to become a licensed SOR event coordinator.  If approved this agreement will give them the rights to schedule workshop events for SOR certified teachers under the requirements of that agreement, the amended teacher license agreement and the event and venue requirements.

3. The SOR has currently suspended the coach/mentor program.  Any previous or current coach shall not act in that role and or make requirements or act as an agent of the school.  They are not officially appointed by the School of Remembering.  The new continuing education program will be based on all certified teachers hosting newly certified teachers as “observers” in official SOR workshop events.

4. Dr. Judith Long currently is specified as a ATIH Certified Teacher with the responsibility of teaching ATIH workshops and may act as a “host” Teacher in China district and SOR licensed events.  Judith will be teaching the July 2013 Teachers Training in Sedona and following up with other potential “host” teachers for the new Chinese Certified teachers who will be “observing” workshops after the July training.   To clarify, all certified teachers may act as “hosts’ to assist in the development of newly certified teachers who are meeting their observation requirement.

5. SOR management announces in particular:

The school is not responsible for any transactions or representations made by licensed teachers.  Teachers are not representative of the school’s official policy.  Licensed teachers are not legally able to act as an agent of the school or represent or make any policy or procedure.  Any of the school’s official courses and training, any aspects of administrative policy and management resolution will, from now on, be announced through the school’s official website only and will come from the SOR corporate officers Drunvalo Melchizedek, Claudette Melchizedek or Zack Greenfield.   In most cases these announcements will be made directly through the official internal messaging system or on the website.

6. Regarding the new certified teachers in China district who passed the Chapala MexicoTeachers Training, they may apply to “observe” in any SOR workshops starting from their signed contract date.  This includes events “hosted” by Dr. Judith Long or any additional Certified Teachers of the School of Remembering.

Newly certified teachers observing workshops need not pay the course costs, but do need to pay food and in some cases a “per seat” fee as may be charged by the facility in use.  These requirements are clearly explained in the new SOR policy and procedure manual called the SOR Guiding Principals document.

7. At this time all current certified teachers may work with any newly approved promoter to put on a SOR live event.  The new coordinator/event promoter applications will be available by May 17th online.  These certified teachers may act as  “host” teachers to any students who will be “observers” from the July Teachers Training in Sedona as described in the forthcoming SOR policy documents and licencee amendments.

8. An arrangement for Claudette Melchizedek to hold the Blue School workshop before or after the Sedona Training is being discussed.  This may be two days of the Blue School workshop designed for teachers of ATIH given either before or after the Sedona Teacher’s Training in July.  Details to be announced.

Drunvalo and Claudette may possibly visit China in and after 2014.  They will inform the community when they make a final decision.

9. All new Certified Chinese Teachers of ATIH need to be aware of their conversations and actions making sure that they promote the intention of the workshop, which is to assist China and the world in having a harmonious society.

10. Considering the requirement for those who missed the April teachers training in Chapala but want to be a teacher of the SOR, the following is being offered.  The requirements for applicants to have completed 2 workshops still stands, and any event from a certified teacher may satisfy those requirements.  Available dates are published on the SOR global events page.

A.  Registered participants in Dr. Judith Long’s workshop either late May or early June in China who will meet the 2 workshop prerequisite can immediately submit applications for the teachers training event in Sedona.  SOR licensed coordinators in China designated by the host teacher for those events may assist with those application submissions.  To clarify, students may meet the prerequisite by attending any certified teacher’s events before making application to the teachers training.   Authorized events may be found on the global event calendar at

B.  These particular applicants may obtain an application form and  complete it as arranged through the licensed SOR event coordinators in China or on their own.  These applications will be submitted together and held in Sedona while the applicants complete their second ATIH workshop.

11. Any reference to the Flower of Life meeting these requirements is false.  Flower of life teachings are protected by international copyright law and are at this time not licensed for use.  Flower of life material is not licensed for use currently to any SOR teacher.

12. The School of Remembering does not endorse or have any association with any other spiritual or self development teacher programs or organizations either here or abroad.


SOR Administration