Reply to The Window of Great Change – June 3, 2013


Now we know that the remote viewing program of the United States Military as headed by Major Ed Dames and as released by Courtney Brown on YouTube is definitely not accurate.  On YouTube Mr. Brown said that their remote viewing program had viewed the future and on June 1st, 2013 the Earth had entered a period of time where the Earth was compromised.  This did not happen.  Yes we had major hurricanes, but nothing that was bringing Mother Earth to her knees.

Still, if you wish to continue following the Mayan Prophesy to its completion, the Mayan End of Time window is not over until January 1, 2016.  So stay calm but alert.

And to be clear, we need to be very aware during the next few months also as the Solar Cycle 24 is now coming into focus and should come to a peak sometime over the next three or four months.  And the geomagnetic field of the Earth is still getting weaker each day and causing havoc on humanity.

Now the Weather Channel has upped the ante with their new documentary on methane gas.  It is not a new subject, but methane has come of age, as it is one of our newest environmental problems.  What has changed?  The global warming has reached a point where the permafrost is beginning to melt.  “Permafrost” means permanently frozen, but now they will have to make up a new word.

If the methane of the world were to melt and enter into the atmosphere, and according to the Weather Channel, it is now starting, then humanity would have a difficult time surviving.  So now we can add a new environmental problem to be concerned with.

I am sorry if this last warning was inconvenient somehow, but when we notice something that could be a problem, we will inform you through this blog.