My Next Book

During the last few weeks I have been totally engaged in finishing my next book.  It has come along enough to share with you the cover art and some opening text. If everything goes as planned this will be in print and available this fall.


In Light,


The Mayan Ouroboros

December21, 2012

11:11 PM (Chitzen Itza, Mexico)

The old male cycle ends.

At that moment, the Earth, the Sun and the Center of our galaxy are in a straight line, and it will not happen again for 25,625 years.

Spiritually know that the Heart of the Earth, the Heart of the Sun and the Heart of our Galaxy, as living beings, are intimately connected.

Birth is inevitable.

December 22, 2012



A new female cycle begins

And a new humanity is born.

The Mayan Prophecy


The Window





  Now Opening…

What a fantastic time to be alive on planet Earth!!!

Drunvalo’s New Page

This is the new location of a page set aside for communication and teachings direct from Drunvalo’s office.  Without the technical burden of the larger website, this page is formated for up to the minute news and information right from Drunvalo.  Dru and his team will be able to post text, photos, and almost any other media type right here the minute they become avaiable. Thanks for all your support while we continue to reach out and make Drunvalo’s teaching and research available to all. technical team.