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Marie Pavel 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Phone: 61 3 9587 6475
[email protected]

Upcoming events

2018 Sept School Holidays - ATIH 4 day W/shop

Host by: Marie Pavel
September 28-01,2018.  

4 Day workshop - Friday to Monday (inclusive)[...]


2018 Melb Cup weekend - ATIH 4 day W/shop

Host by: Marie Pavel
November 03-06,2018.  Cheltenham

4 Day workshop - Saturday to Tuesday (inclusive)[...]




My name is Marie Pavel and I hope to meet you in one of my ATIH workshops.

My home is in Melbourne, Australia and I share it with my husband, while my children live their own life, near by. I spent first twenty years of my life in a beautiful Prague at the heart of the Europe. I lived on three continents and traveled a bit and hope to have many more opportunities to explore. My pilgrimages are shared with my husband and /or group of friends. I enjoy connecting with people all over the world and learning from them.
My parents provided a safe and nurturing environment through my formative years, full of music and singing and always being there for me, giving me a solid base of values and love that sustains me through ups & downs of life I am privileged to learn from the best teachers in all subjects I have chosen to study!

My conscious spiritual journey started with Astrology and Doris Greaves and somewhere there, among the stars and planets, I discovered God ! Along my path I learned different healing modalities, became a Reiki Master, studied & practiced Qi Kong; crystals; while sound, music and singing are also an important part of my life. SVH ( Serenity Vibration Healing ), a beautiful prayer healing modality channeled by Jill Marie , stepped into my life at the very beginning of this century and it enriched all - the way that is hard to believe.

More than two & half decades ago I was made aware of the longing in me that somehow lead me to discover Drunvalo and Flower of Life modality. Teaching FOL for over one & half decade brought many interesting people into my life and a lot of joy . I introduced this modality to South East Asia , where I lived at the time. Now my workshop base is Melbourne but I am open to an invitation to travel almost anywhere Standing together in unity, love and compassion for all life everywhere , allow us to reclaim our power and magic. Awakening our deep memories of our spiritual heritage. All my endeavors lead to the culmination of this work offered in the ATIH workshop.....so back to the beginning! I hope to meet you in one of my ATIH workshops.