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Susan Chan 陈 珊 
Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hongkong, Macau, Guangdong Province, China

Phone: +86 15603021558/15807569090
[email protected]

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When my first times drove alone on 89A to Sedona, all views passed by awakened my remembering and brought my past life memories to me; When I stand on the vortex and face to the huge Red Rock, I understand that all my life experience are just to bring me to there; When I finished "Awakening the illuminated heart" workshop, and sit down with Drunvalo and Judith to discussion the relationship between the ancient chinese wisdom and Drunvalo's ancient teaching, I realized that my life just started to enter into it's own track which was settled down long, long ago.

I was got many description from other people because of this, such like "The first Chinese participated ATIH", "The one to bring this teaching into China", and "Chief chinese teacher of ATIH in china" and so on....I am not going to judge if these are correct or right here, I even don't agree those kind of saying be used anymore, but I also want to express my thanks to those friends who put these label on me. But the most important for me to express is:
I was completely unaware of these when that happens. There are only two people in my heart to gratitude at that moment. One is DingDong who is one of my business partner of " Tao Life Wisdom management & Consulting Co.,Ltd",it was she introduced the book " The Ancient Secret of flower of life" to me. And another one is a man I never met him yet whose name is Leiyu, I couldn't reach and read the book if he never translated it into simplify chinese from traditional chinese and put it free on the website: www.awaker.net. Although it was infringement the copyright, but we have no choice as a Chinese live in mainland at that moment. (It is why I asked Drunvalo's permit for Leiyu that we can read it before the traditional Chinese book be published in Taiwan). So, in some way I should say "Leiyu" is the one who brings "flower of life" to the Chinese people, and DingDong is the one to make it happen, and I am just the postman to carry the "ATIH" Workshop to China.
So, things would not have happened in this way without leiyu and Ding Dong, and i will never and ever can have this grace become to the teacher of ATIH here.

Regarding to Drunvalo, the great guru and my master who always living in his heart, I only can hold my endless respect and gratefulness to him! His unconditioned love and kindness,leads him to created ATIH workshop by all study in his life. It is a great treasure with such powerful energies can raise human consciousness in such short time. I only can say that this is the greatest contribution to the human being.

I can't find words to express the waves of gratitude in my heart at this moment, except to say that:

If you are willing to let me share this beautiful teaching with you, it would be the greatest honor of my life, it will completely change your life and I will give you my highest respect to you with gratitude! Namaste!