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Karen Osborne  
Carp, ON, Canada

Phone: (613) 470-1888
[email protected]
www.ascensionhealing.ca | www.crystalmedicine.ca

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Karen is a full-time healer offering integrative sessions that include Crystal healing and aspects of shamanism. She has been operating her practice in the Ottawa area (Ontario, Canada) for more than ten years. Karen is also a teacher and trainer, offering a 5-day certification class in Crystal Healing, a comprehensive 2-year training program in Crystal Shamanism and various other workshops on spiritual topics. Karen is an accredited teacher for Drunvalo Melchizedek’s international School of Remembering. She offers Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops in the Ottawa area and abroad. Karen is also a Teacher Trainer for ICU, Inspiring Children Universally (third eye opening and consciousness expansion) for children. Karen owns and operates a Crystal store in Carp (near Ottawa) where she carries wide selection of Crystals, Stones, jewelry, geodes, books, shamanic supplies and all things Crystal. The Crystal store is also available on line.

Karen has studied with many teachers over the past 30 years, some local, some international, some very well known and others who are quiet treasures. She considers herself a student of love, believing that we are all here to learn about love and to learn to create responsibly. Some of the guiding principles she embraces in her life are:

• The quality of your life will always be equal to your ability to love yourself.
• Power must equal humility.
• All people are beings of light – All beings are of equal value.

Karen is dedicated to her own spiritual evolution and to assisting the evolution process of others. She seeks to inspire, encourage and support. Karen sees clients, writes, teaches and hosts international healing events at her home/healing center near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

[email protected]