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Conversation with Cal Garrison

(Author & Editor & Chief)

While we eagerly await the construction of our new television facility, One Lotus Studios, in our current small studio, we have begun production on Conversations with Drunvalo.

We decided to make these pre-recorded versions available to you now so you enjoy the evolving process until we’re ready to broadcast live!

First up, we talked to author, astrologer and editor-in-chief of the Spirit of Ma’at magazine, Cal Garrison. This conversation took place in April 2012.

Important Information on Ascension and the Merkaba Audio File Only:

What we have to say in this audio I hope will assist you in remembering the true knowledge of the heart/Mer-Ka-Ba integration, and how this will eventually lead you into a new Earth, and a new way of existing

Food Combinations, Exercise and Spirituality

Drunvalo talks about how food and exercise effects your spiritual journey.

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