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Claudette Melchizedek

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The Hidden Treasures
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Article by Catherine Shainberg, PhD

An audio interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek about the Blue School Teachings

The Blue School Teachings

As mankind moves toward Unity Consciousness the practice of the MerKaBa alone is not enough to get us where we need to go. As Drunvalo has said, the meditation that forms the foundation for the Flower of Life Teachings is 'The Male Way' - and our remembrance of it has been crucial to our understanding of ourselves and our purpose here on Earth. But the MerKaBa is just one part of an information stream that has two sources. Since we are still subject to the Law of Polarity, we can only bring balance and harmony to our spiritual work by uniting that Male knowledge with its Female counterpart.

Passed down through lineage descent from one Kabbalist to another, these traditions date back to Atlantis and the original 'Merkavah Kabbalah'. They are 'The Female Way' or the feminine aspect of the MerKaBa teachings.

Blue School Traditions teach us that a direct experience of what lies at the Source can be accessed through the imagery one 'receives' in the act of inner gazing. Hints that there might be some truth to this surface in Biblical descriptions of the 'visions' of the prophets, such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, and Enoch - and the 'dreams' of the patriarchs, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, along with the revelatory experiences of Moses, Jonah, and Samuel, also indicate that, for the ancients, the most prevalent form of communion with the Divine did not involve the Left Brain at all, but was rather a Right Brain, visionary process.

The last person to have The Blue School Teachings bestowed upon them was an Israeli woman by the name of Colette Simhah Aboulker-Muscat.

"While still a young girl Colette received, through a laying on of hands by her grandfather, the family's blessings to carry on the teachings of their lineage.
('The Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming' by Catherine Schainberg; page xvii)

A direct descendant of two medieval Kabbalists, Rabbi's Isaac the Blind and Jacob ben Sheshet, Colette was preordained to be the keeper of these mysteries. Her work is pure Kabbalah; (Kabbalah means 'receiving'), in that one 'receives' from one's inner gazing. Therefore, her brand of Kabbalah is not an arcane, difficult to access system, but an exploration of the imaginal field whose language is common to people of all denominations". (Ibid; page xvi)

During her time here on Earth thousands of people, from all walks of life came to sit in Colette's presence and receive her teachings. On the three-thousand-year jubilee celebrating King David's reign, the city of Jerusalem honored her with the prestigious 'Medal of the Beloved'. Prior to her death in 2003, Colette transmitted all of her wisdom to her foremost disciple, Catherine Schainberg. In honor of her teacher, and in order to keep The Blue School Teachings alive, Ms. Schainberg founded her own school, 'The School of Images' in New York City.

"'The School of Images' is a Kabbalah school founded to advance awareness of imagination as the foremost language for instantaneous transformation… it teaches the techniques of dreaming, visualization, and revelation to gain access to the forgotten source of the imagination within, to cleanse, revivify, and motivate the individual… Each imagery exercise is a peerless tool for instantaneous vision, transformation, and healing." (Ibid; fronts piece)

Claudette Melchizedek found her way to 'The School of Images' in 1981. Only 31 at the time, and with everything in her outer life enviably in place, her discovery of the Blue School Teachings started her off on a whole new path. As Claudette puts it; "It became the only thing I wanted to do from that point on".

Immersed in imagery work for 25 years Claudette is a remarkable human being, and an outstanding teacher and healer. Her greatest gift is her ability to live life directly from her own Source - anyone who has spent even a few minutes in her presence would confirm that! Flavored with her own unique brand of energy, Claudette's workshops delve deep into the Heart of The Blue School traditions.