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Claudette Melchizedek

The Blue School

About Claudette Melchizedek

About Guided Imagery

The Hidden Treasures
of Dreaming

Article by Catherine Shainberg, PhD

An audio interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek about the Blue School Teachings

About Claudette Melchizedek

Claudette Melchizedek found her way to 'The School of Images' in 1981. Only 31 at the time, and with everything in her outer life enviably in place, her discovery of the Blue School Teachings started her off on a whole new path. As Claudette puts it; "It became the only thing I wanted to do from that point on".

Immersed in imagery work for 25 years Claudette is a remarkable human being, and an outstanding teacher and healer. Her greatest gift is her ability to live life directly from her own Source - anyone who has spent even a few minutes in her presence would confirm that! Flavored with her own unique brand of energy, Claudette's workshops delve deep into the Heart of The Blue School traditions.

Using guided imagery exercises Claudette leads her participants into waking dreams whose images are often as vivid and clear as the most intense night dreams. These 'Waking Dreams' take place in a waking state that is neither hypnotic nor trance-like. Alert to what is happening the 'dreamer' enters the realm of the Female Brain and begins to learn the forgotten language of their own inner space. As one becomes more familiar with the dreams and images that lie hidden behind their rational thought processes this new language makes it easy to bridge the gap that separates the inner world from the outer world and travel back and forth between the two realities.

Waking Dreams stimulate the imagination, enhance the creativity, and serve to focus the dreamer's attention on what is affecting him or her at the subconscious level. The images that emerge speak for themselves, clearly illustrating the actual state of Being at the time. This process unblocks the issues and problems that prevent one from living directly from their inner Source, releasing the Self to connect with its own Truth.

The exercises that Claudette shares in her workshops are ancient tools for consciousness. Put to practice, The Blue School techniques have the capacity to heal anything. Now that 'The Power of the Female' has returned to restore balance and harmony to the planet, it is vital that those who wish to understand more about that aspect of themselves learn everything they can about what it truly means to live from that place. We invite you to join us in this work. It is a workshop you won't want to miss.